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Gateway Disc Sports Chief Review

The Gateway Chief will give you commanding accuracy as it flies straight as an arrow toward your target. This straight flyer is a must try especially in Gateway’s newly released Diamond plastic.

Gateway Disc Sports Chief Putter Notes

“A low profile putt & approach with rounded nose and a beaded rim.  Great for players that don’t feel comfortable with deeper rimmed putters.  Perfect for an off the tee putter when you need extra control.”

Gateway Chief Product Page

Available plastics: Diamond, Soft, Sure Grip, Super Glow, Organic, and like 50 other special Gateway plastics

Flight Rating:  3, 3, 0, 1

Gateway Chief Reactions

The Chief sits nicely in my hand and is easy to grip due to the low profile and rounded nose.  It has a flat top and feels like a low profile Wizard or even similar to Reko without a puddle top.  Obviously the new Diamond plastic has an excellent feel and is a beautiful upgrade.

Gateway Chief putter profile view

Gateway Chief By the Numbers

Gateway Chief


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Pay close attention to this flight chart because it’s quite accurate, the Chief is deadly straight.  However, I think Gateway is being too modest with the 3 glide rating and I’d put it at 4 pushing 5.

Gateway Chief Putting Notes

The Chief is the quintessential point-and-shoot putter, but it’s not prototypical.  The Chief does not feel like an Aviar clone as it is flatter and has very little fade, you can truly just pick a ring on the chains and fire.

The Chief will glide for days so you wont need much effort to reach the basket.   It is an excellent long distance putter and can be used in just about any scenario.  Given the high glide, the Chief will hold any line and is great with any putting style.  I find it especially useful for jump putts where it allows for an easy release and maintains consistency with the extra flick of the wrist.

Gateway Chief Upshots and Approaches

I can’t say this enough, Gateway’s Chief is straight.  One of the straightest discs I’ve ever thrown.  So straight that I now use it as form indicator disc to tell me if I’m pulling my elbow through properly.

The Chief can handle quite a bit of torque which was surprising since so many straight putters turn and burn beyond 150 feet (45 meters).  I can put a 90% rip on the Chief at a slight angle and it will flip up and continue straight, or I can release flat with 75% power and still hit an incredibly straight line.  On shorter approaches I’d compare the Chief to MVP’s Atom as they can both finesse through any tight line but I can control the height of the Chief better.  Drives or approaches, the Chief handles it all.

Gateway Chief ChiefOS Putters

The Chief will hold nearly any line on long throws as well and only displays a moderate fade.  Smooth anhyzers are fun to throw with this putter since it won’t pull out but it also rarely turns into the ground.  Long hyzers will not stand up unless I put extra snap in them, rather they’ll hold long gliding hooks that land accurately.  I need to be aware of the wind on these longer shots because it will sail with the high glide.  Of course, if you want a Chief that fights the wind, you can check out the Chief OS which we’ll be reviewing soon!

The only thing I don’t like about the Chief is that the Diamond plastic becomes quite slippery when wet, perhaps more slippery than other translucent plastics.  This can be problematic in the morning with dew on the ground, but can be solved with a towel or by carrying a Sure Grip Chief!

Gateway Chief Final Verdict

The Gateway Chief is a must try putter.  This is an all-around easy to use putter as well as a torque resistant straight driving putter.  All levels of disc golfers should love the Chief.

Find the different plastic options for your Chief here!

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Gateway Disc Sports Chief Putter


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