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Discraft Magnet Review

The Discraft Magnet is a model of consistency and wind resilience.  It’s no wonder the Magnet is so widely used by disc golfers of all experience levels.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“The Magnet™ is our flagship putter, and is used by thousands of seasoned disc golfers. Not too hard, not too soft… it goes in and stays in. This disc is excellent in the wind and makes a superb short range driver and approach disc.”


Available plastics: Pro D, Soft D, Jawbreaker

Flight Rating:  2, 3, -1, 2

Initial Reactions

It’s common that disc golfers either love Discraft’s Magnet or hate it.  I have to believe that the haters don’t know the Magnet’s strengths and haven’t given it a chance.  The Magnet has a sharp nose, concave bottom lip, deep rim, and a micro bead.  It took me a while to get used to the feel of this putter in my small hands, but with slight modifications to my fan grip I became comfortable and realized an extremely consistent release.

Discraft Magnet Putter Profile View

By the Numbers

Discraft Magnet


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The Magnet displays a gentle turn on long throws of 225 feet and beyond, but I found almost no turn on the shorter throws.

Putting Notes

Inside 50 feet Discraft’s Magnet is stable and will hold a straight line just until the end of the flight where it fades hard.  I had difficulty with this for some time because my putting style involves aiming at a single chain link and I had trouble aiming because of the hard fade.  After practicing, though, I realized that the Magnet works great for aiming past the basket and through the chains!  By holding a straight line, the Magnet will let you toss directly at the basket and if you miss, the fade will kick in and prevent a long overthrow.  The hard fade will occasionally lead to rolls, but unless you’re on a hill the roll should be minimal.

Keep in mind I’m a spin putter and push putters will likely find the Magnet favorable as it can be pushed or pitched straight to the chains.

As I mentioned above, the Magnet didn’t feel comfortable at first with the deep rim and sharp nose.  However, now that I’ve adjusted my fan grip it releases quite smoothly, especially for a deep rimmed putter.  I suspect those with larger hands won’t have any trouble and may not even need to adjust.


Once again, Discraft’s Magnet is extremely consistent.  Its medium glide along with moderate turn will create long and gentle lines with a predictable fade.  While the flight path suggests something of an s-curve putter, I found that the Magnet kept to it’s path until the fade took over late.  The fade is strong and will pull the Magnet out of a line, but it sets in slowly rather than quickly which allows for a very soft and precise landing.

The Magnet loves long hyzer lines and will flip up nicely and hover to a landing.  It has a little difficulty on anhyzers as it fights to pull out the whole way, but put it on a higher angle and it will turn nicely.  Want a straight shot?  No problem at all, dead straight at 150-200.

What surprises me the most is how consistent the Magnet is in the wind considering it’s not extremely overstable.  The direction of the wind seems to matter very little and the magnet always displays a similar flight and decent glide.  The Magnet is a slow putter so headwinds do cause it to turn much more than usual.  The only difficulty I have is trying to throw nose up on a stall or loft line which causes the Magnet to be extra nose angle sensitive.

Final Verdict

The Discraft Magnet took a while for me figure out, but after some practice we developed a strong attraction.  Beginners should find the Magnet easy to throw and should love the consistency especially in the wind.  Advanced players may need time to learn the Magnet if they’re used to a different putting style, but once it’s learned, the Magnet will provide incredible consistency and accurate approaches.  Then again, many advanced players may already have a putt and approach style appropriate for the Magnet and might just add it to their bag immediately.

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