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Discraft Crush Review

I bought a Crush in 2005 before I had the arm to throw it. Over the next three years I worked on my power until I could throw the Crush on the flight path that Discraft described. This was the disc that taught me to throw hard. The Crush experienced some early popularity and was was voted best overstable disc at one point but it would not find a place in enough bags to continue long-term production. Discraft removed the Crush from production entirely in 2017 (maybe 2016, the exact dates are not well publicized).

Read on to find out how the Crush flies and what’s special about the 2020 Ledgestone Crush.

Discraft Crush Manufacturer Notes

Here’s how Discraft described the Crush back in the day

The Crush™ is an overstable distance driver with a wide rim and flat top that delivers superior distance off the tee in almost all wind conditions. Used by many top pros as their main driver, the Crush™ is a very fast disc that finishes with excellent glide.

Discraft Crush Manufacturer Page
Available Plastics: Pro-D, Elite X, Z, ESP, Titanium Swirl
The Crush is OOP (out of production)
Flight Rating: 11, 5, 0, 4, (1.8 Discraft stability)

Discraft Crush Initial Reactions

Discraft Crush profile side view

The Crush begins with just a slight dome that quickly puddles down allowing for a great grip with a comfortable 11 speed rim (I feel it’s closer to 10 speed).  The Crush turned out to be too overstable for most disc golfer’s liking, but it still has a cult following and is my favorite disc of all time. I even wrote a letter to Discraft about the Crush when they discontinued it; I never heard back 🙁 .

Ledgestone 2020 Titanium Crush Discraft

Recently, Discraft brought the Crush back in a special 2020 Ledgestone run. A little known fact is that the 2020 Ledgestone Edition Crush is actaully Swirly Titanium plastic, despite the misprinted stamp which says it is Swirl ESP.  I bought a lot of them.

Discraft Crush


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Discraft Crush Flight Notes

The Discraft Crush is a low profile, overstable driver. For its time it had high glide, but with today’s standards it would be considered moderate glide. This allows for excellent control and consistency. The Crush has a touch of turn to it when thrown hard, just enough to make it more workable than a lot of very overstable drivers. If thrown just below flat, a broken-in Crush will track to the side just slightly for about three quarters of its flight then fade back in a long curve. The Crush tends to skip on flatter throws but will bite on hyzer shots. I use a 169 gram ESP crush as my go-to driver as it is a little more workable and also skips a little less than heavier Crushes. 375 feet (115 meters) is my sweet spot, but I can hit close to 400 feet with lighter weight Crushes.

Hyzer shots are an easy strength for an overstable driver like the Crush. I can hit my target with deadly precision on high 300-325 foot hyzer shots espeically when throwing a lighter weight Crush. This also allows for long and forced anhyzer lines that are very controllable and pull out hard at the end. To achieve an anhyzer, you will need to release on an anhyzer angle and throw with power. When thrown on a decreased angle the Crush barely flips up and follows a nice hyzer line.

discraft crush ESP

One obvious advantage of the Crush is its ability to fight wind. The Crush displays a consistent flight path across most wind conditions as it effeciently cuts through the air. This disc performs great with a headwind and will not lift and turn as much as other drivers in its class. The Crush can ride a cross wind for miles and hold the same line. However, I do not recommend throwing the Crush with a tail wind in most cases because it will drop out of the air like a brick. Although, if you need to throw a high hook that drops quickly, throwing the Crush in a tailwind can be useful.

The Crush is often considered a great forehand driver because of how much torque it can hande. The Crush can certainly handle torque and when I snap it forehand it flips up nicely and I can easily hit 275-300 feet (85-90 meters). The caution with using the Crush forehand is that if you do not put enough snap on it, it cuts hard to the side instead of flipping up. This is worse in a cross wind when the flight plate is exposed. I also do not recommend the Crush as an overhand disc because it turns over early in the flight causing it to move to the side high in the air.

Discraft Pro D Crush stamp

Different plastics and weights affect the Crush’s flight significantly. The 2020 Ledgestone TI Crush displays much higher glide than other Crush molds and holds the slight turn longer, almost like a Punisher but a little shorter. Lighter weight crushes begin just as overstable, but break in to become workable and more accurate. Heavier Crushes take longer to break in and are less precise but less affected by wind. Here are the other Crush plastics:

Z Crush: Most overstable Crush options
Pro-D Crush: Significantly lower glide, breaks in faster
Elite X Crush: Breaks in faster, turns more
ESP Crush: Higher glide, slightly longer
Titanium Swirl Crush: Significantly higher glide and more turn
Swirl ESP Crush: Mislabled, it’s actually a TI Swirl Crush, see above

Discraft first run crush

Discraft Crush Comparables

Discraft Machete – Machete is lower glide and in production
Discraft Punisher – Punisher is longer with more glide
Discraft Predator – Predator is slower and more workable
Discraft Avenger – Crush is faster and more overstable
Innova Tee-Rex – Crush is higher glide
Innova XCaliber – XCaliber is faster
Axiom Thrill – Thrill is not as overstable
Infinite Discs Slab – Slab is faster with less glide

Discraft Crush Elite Z

Discraft Crush Conclusion

I carry four Crushes in my bag and own around 50, so I am obligated to say that you should try one. In reality, it is probably too overstable for new disc golfers. Intermediate disc golfers may find use for the Crush as a dependable overstable driver or utility disc. Advanced disc golfers may have more appreciation for the slight turn the Crush shows while maintaining consistency. Don’t get too attached because Crushes are becoming hard to find (and I’m not sharing mine) so for most disc golfers it may be a great collector item.

The Crush is hard to find these days, but you can check for special runs here.

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