Discraft Punisher Review
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Discraft Punisher Review

The Discraft Punisher is a new high speed driver designed for long straight runs and an ability to handle power.  Sometimes you choose to trade speed for control, but the Punisher is stepping in to give you the best of both.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“Discraft Punisher is a very fast distance driver that performs best with lots of power behind it. Expect extra glide whether you’re throwing backhand or sidearm, and a consistent fade into your target. Tame the chains with Punisher.”


Available plastics: Z

Flight Rating:  12, 5, -0.5, 3

Initial Reactions

Discraft caught on to the recent thin rim preference and released the Punisher with a rim slightly thinner than many other drivers in its class.  It has a low profile and only a slight dome, which most disc golfers will probably not notice.  Overall, the Punisher feels more comfortable in my hand than most high speed drivers, I would compare it to the feeling of a Surge.

Discraft Punisher profile view:

Discraft Punisher profile view

Discraft Surge profile view:

Discraft Surge profile view

Power Drives

Discraft molded the Punisher to handle high power, and it does this well.  This isn’t a wimpy disc and I found that the more power I put on the Punisher, the more pure it’s flight became.  It likes to flip up and turn just slightly and follow a long and straight path with a reliable but controllable fade.  I’d compare the Punisher to a slightly longer Surge with a less intense fade.  I was able to consistently hit 400ft (122 meters) throwing on grass but bigger arms should be able to hit 425ft – 450ft without a compromised flight.

Ironically, the Punisher is actually quite forgiving on long throws.  When I compared it to a Surge and a Crank, the Punisher displayed the most consistency.  The Punisher was a little more power sensitive resulting in further or shorter throws, but very little variance in side to side movement. I noticed that the Punisher didn’t cut into the air and glide left or right like many high speed drivers.  Instead preferred its straight path and the landing was always closer to my center line than other distance drivers.  I consistently threw the Punisher about 10 to 15 feet short of my Crank but always had higher accuracy.

Control Shots

Since the Punisher doesn’t cut through the air like a Surge or Crank, it’s a little more difficult to throw on an anhyzer.  It resists an anhyzer path and pulls out early, but not to the point that I’d say it doesn’t anhyzer well.  Add a little extra power and you’ll find an anhyzer line that will float for a long distance without the fear of turning too hard.

Logically, the Punisher is a great hyzer disc.  What I found the most beneficial is when I exposed the flight plate to the wind, it held it’s line without flying as far to the side as most high speed hyzer shots would.  Similarly, overhand shots showed less movement than my Surge or Crank which provided for a high accuracy overhand landing.

Sidearm shots?  No problem at all.  The Punisher can handle the extra snap and it still fights to keep its straight flight.  The thin rim and low profile produce an extremely smooth release.

Discraft’s Punisher would be an excellent partner to the Discraft Machete if you are building a bag with focus on overstability and consistency.  The Machete is an extremely overstable distance driver and the Punisher is an overstable long distance driver and the combination would provide a solid overstable bag core.

 Discraft Punisher Final Verdict

 Discraft’s Punisher is going to find a place in many bags.  This is a high speed driver that touts control and consistency.  This will be a great option for advanced players who need a long distance driver that will thread tight fairways and it will be an excellent maximum distance driver for players who are still working out their form or aren’t ready for a 14 speed yet.  Versatile and reliable.

Ready to try a Punisher?  Check out prices here! 

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