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Storm Discs Abyss Review

Wrapping up our review series on Storm Disc Golf is the Abyss, an overstable fairway driver that was recently released. Get ready as we enter the Abyss.

Storm Discs Abyss Manufacturer Notes

This disc is so new, we don’t have a lot of information on it yet. We will update this section as new details become available.

Available Plastics: Category 2
Flight Rating: 8, 4, 0, 3 estimated

Initial Reactions

Storm Discs Abyss Profile

The Abyss just sounds overstable doesn’t it? It feels comfortable in the hand with a nicely rounded nose and flat top. The profile in general feels very low and should be easy for most hands to grip. The shape is quite similar to the Discraft Tracker with smoother edges and mroe rounded nose. Once again the Category 2 plastic feels soft to the touch while the mold stays firm.

Flight Notes

Storm Abyss


Interactive flight chart brought you by DG Puttheads. Compare every disc over at

After throwing the Jet Stream and The Eye, I expected the Abyss to fly fairly straight with a little turn. Especially after looking at the wing shape – it doesn’t have a majorly concave rim like most overstable drivers. After the first throw with the Abyss I quickly learned that you can’t judge a flight by the rim shape. I’m guessing the overstable flight I was watching is due to weight distribution. The flight plate feels a little thinner than other fairway drivers which would push the weight into the rim. If my hypothesis is correct, the Abyss would be a long and straight disc for bigger arms.

Throwing with a flat release at full power, the Abyss flies straight for a while before fading back significantly. On some throws I even saw a nice forward pushing fade. In significant headwinds, the Abyss stayed straight and I had no concern it would turn over too hard. On an anhyzer flex line I was able to get a lot of extra distance, also without worrying about losing accuracy.

The Abyss is also a great forehand disc. The low profile and comfortable rim allow for an extremely smooth and consistent release. The Abyss is overstable and handles the extra snap and torque produced by a flick, but it has high glide with a straight initial flight path which enables forehand shots to flip up nicely and even turn when desired. The Abyss will only skip a little at the end so you can get a bit extra movement toward your target without getting out of control.


Dynamic Discs Felon – The Felon turns more and fades less.
Discraft Raptor – The Raptor flies further but has a harder fade at the tail end of the flight.
Discraft Tracker – Similar fade, Tracker has more turn.
Innova Thunderbird – The Champion Thunderbird, the more overstable version, is a similar stability level but flies further than the Abyss.
Innova Teebird 3- Similar distance and smooth release, Teebird 3 turns more.
Latitude 64 Saint Pro – Both high glide, Abyss is a little more overstable.

Storm Discs Abyss Final Verdict

Rounding out our week of Storm Disc Golf reviews, the Abyss is another very solid offering. It feels more comfortable than most other overstable discs and holds a very nice line in the air. Well worth a try if you aren’t happy with your current fairway driver lineup.

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