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Storm Discs Crater Review

Storm Disc Golf has intrigued us with some unique features and their putter doesn’t disappoint.  Crater is a perfect way to describe the feeling of this putter, and also a perfect way to describe its flight!

Manufacturer Notes

Storm Discs Crater Profile

Here is how Storm describes their putter:

The Crater is an overstable putt and approach disc that has all the parts to fight the wind. This disc is ideal for that 100 foot upshot or getting out of trouble.The Crater wants to find its way to the ground with a good hard fade throughout its flight

Available Plastics: Category 1
Flight Rating: 3, 2, 0, 3

Initial Reactions on the Crater

The Crater feels different than most other putters we have tested.  There’s a squared off thumb track with a blunt nose and the flight plate drops in the center creating a puddle top.  The name Crater is a perfect fit for the shape of this putter. The plastic is grippy while being relatively firm.

Storm Discs Crater Top View

Storm The Crater


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Putting Notes

Putting with the Crater is fairly similar to putting with a fairway driver – you can make it work but the further from the basket, the more it dumps left at the end of the flight unless you add a lot of velocity.  At around 20’ I actually found a good rhythm draining putts with the Crater.  At circle’s edge though I was fairly inconsistent.  In circle 2, the Crater becomes a perfect layup putter.  Give it a toss and let the low glide ensure you won’t zoom past the basket.

Upshots and Approaches

I’m pretty sure Storm Disc Golf intended for the Crater to be used as an approach and driving putter.  It’s a fairly simple disc to understand at full power.  Just reach back and give it a good pull.  Neither Chris nor myself could get more than around 225’ at full power.  Even on an anhyzer flex shot it didn’t get out there very far.  On this shot, the Crater would start turning on the anhyzer line but fight out after only half of the flight. Don’t be alarmed though, because I think this is a wonderful trait. This will let you hit hooks and hyzers you can’t hit with most putters as well as some crazy s-curves that won’t get away from you in a tight area.

I spent the past few years watching Chris throw a Kastaplast Berg from every situation imaginable inside of 200’ and he rarely missed the putting surface.  There’s something about the low glide that instills confidence in those powerful approach throws. He likes to describe the Crater as a Berg mixed with a Stego.


Kastaplast Berg – The Berg is the closest comparison to the Crater.  The Berg has a smaller diameter and isn’t as overstable.
Reptilian Disc Golf Stego – The Stego is more overstable and has less glide.  If you haven’t thrown one, it flies like a manhole cover.
Innova Rhyno – The Rhyno has a thumb track as well but isn’t as overstable.  The Rhyno putts better in the circle.
Discraft Zone – The Zone has been one of our favorite overstable putter options for a while.  In ESP or Z plastic, the Zone gives a similar result as the Crater but tends to fly a little further.

Storm Disc Golf Crater Final Verdict

Most companies new to molding disc golf discs try to provide a typical flagship putter that can be used in the circle as well as many different types of approach throws.  Not Storm Disc Golf though – the puddle-top-thumb-track Crater is overstable and has very low glide.  These features make it a very reliable approach disc. If you are looking for a consistent performer on approach shots and need something to cut down distance off the tee, the Crater is worth a look for sure.

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