• disc golf devotion belief
    Disc Golf Devotion

    Disc Golf Devotion Believe

    What should you throw? You step up on the cement and stare down the fairway. A long narrowing fairway with tall trees on either side and a cross-breeze that could carry your drive to the end or whip it deep into the woods. A high gliding anhyzer or a low and powerful hyzer? Are you going for distance or are you shooting for consistency? What should you throw? You may experience anxiety, a worried feeling of making the wrong choice or missing out on an opportunity. Then again, this is just disc golf so maybe you don’t think deeply into your throwing options. But maybe the scorecard is close, or…

  • Disc Golf Devotion Tough Times
    Disc Golf Devotion

    Disc Golf Devotion – Tough Times

    We’ve all been there, an errant tee shot leads to a bogey.  And then, while thinking about the bad shot moments ago we throw another errant tee shot and climb aboard the bogey train.  Blame your disc, or your form, or anything else, but at the end of the day it was your mind that let you down.  One minor error can lead to an avalanche of mistakes and ruin your entire round. Have you ever encountered this situation outside of disc golf?  Perhaps, while taking a test at school, you encounter a problem that you can’t solve.  Your attitude changes and you only focus on your inability to deal…

  • disc golf devotion perfect flight
    Disc Golf Devotion

    Disc Golf Devotion – Perfect Flight

    If you ask another disc golfer what they love about disc golf, there’s a good chance that the flight of a disc will be in the top few answers. A sense of calm satisfaction, almost a state of inner peace, can be felt when you put everything you have behind a disc and watch it sail off on the smooth, pure path on which you intended it. You do everything you can to send the disc on its path, then you let go and watch your work in action. We spend most of our round chasing that perfect flight. The more seasoned we are, the more practiced we are, the…

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