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Quick Review – Latitude 64 Raketen Driver

The new 15 speed driver from Latitude 64 is getting a lot of attention.  I picked one up recently to try it out.  The other reviews I have linked below are great and highly recommended if you are looking for an in depth look at the disc.  Numbers alone has me thinking this should perform similarly to my Gateway Slayer.

This is a 15 speed driver, so naturally I stepped up to the tee pad on hole 6 holding the OptoHex plastic in my hand and prepared to throw hard.  I’ve thrown other similar speed drivers like the Gateway Slayer and I bag an Innova Boss as my regular driver.  I don’t have the arm to make the Slayer move right much at all before the fade takes over.  The Boss is overstable, but I am able to get a consistent high speed turn on it.

I took a good run up and released the Raketen on a great line with a very slight hyzer angle.  It came out of my hand smoothly and started sailing out into the fairway.  I quickly realized the Raketen isn’t like the other super high-speed drivers and won’t perform at all how I expected based on the -1.5 turn and 3.5 fade numbers.  My first throw with the disc started turning right as soon as I released and continued almost into a roller.  

My form felt good on that first throw but I figured I must have done something wrong.  So I pulled out the Raketen again on the next hole and gave it a little more hyzer release just in case.  This time, the Swedish Rocket blasted out of my hand and flipped up to flat before turning right for another thirty feet.  Then I watched in awe as the fade kicked in and turned the disc back to the center of the fairway.

The long basket for hole 7
The long basket for hole 7. Until the Raketen I had never been this close after two shots.

As I walked through the fairway and found the smell of new plastic, I couldn’t help but notice that this was new territory for me after a drive on hole 7.  The short basket plays to 378′, but today I’m playing the long basket.  My drive however, is even with the short basket!  My longest throw with the Boss is around 380′, but that was on a perfect day with the perfect amount of headwind to make the Boss dance.

I had to wait for a few holes before a long, s-curve drive could be used again.  When I did get a chance, my next several Raketen launches involved trying to find that same hyzer angle I found on hole 7.  Sadly I’m too inconsistent with my release that I never found that perfect angle again (this is a problem with me and not the disc).  However, the ‘bad’ throws with the Raketen still achieved close to the same distance as my normal drive.

“The woods are full of long drivers.” -Harvey Penick

Overall, I’m recommending the Raketen to players that aren’t throwing drivers farther than 300′.  The 3 glide might turn you away, but this disc will probably be your longest flyer.  For me, it flies similar to an Innova Daedalus with less glide.  I had a friend try this disc that normally throws an Avenger SS right around 250′.  He threw several nice drives over 300′ with the Raketen and, as a result, is now the proud owner of my Raketen.  In fact, this is the disc I’m recommending to anyone looking to eclipse the 300′ mark for the first time.

I also would recommend that any experienced disc golfer with solid hyzer-flip form give this a try.  You’ll immediately notice the 15 speed increase your maximum distance drives.

What is your experience with the Latitude 64 Raketen?

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