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Discmania P1 Maniac and P1x Review

The P1 Maniac from Discmania is known as a soft and floppy Aviar.  The P1x adds a small bead to the putter without changing the flight characteristics much at all.  These straight flying putters are similar enough in flight that we’ll review them together.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“The P1 flight characteristic is very straight at high and low speeds. The P1 is ideal for a putter and it works great as an approach disc. “


Available plastics: C Line, S Line, P Line, D Line

Flight Rating: 2 speed, 3 glide, 0 turn, 0 fade

“Thanks to high demand for beaded putter from Discmania, the P1x was born. This putter was created purely with player feel in mind. “


 Available plastics: X Line, D Line

Flight Rating: 2 speed, 3 glide, 0 turn, 0 fade
Note: The X Line plastic changes the fade to a 1.

Initial Reactions

The P1 Maniac in P Line plastic is rather soft and floppy with slightly chalky feel.  The P1x in D Line plastic feels a lot like Innova’s XT plastic.  A side-by-side comparison of the Discmania P1x and the Innova Whale reveals two discs that look very similar.

Discmania P1x Profile
Discmania P1x Profile

By the Numbers

Discmania P1 Maniac


Interactive flight chart brought you by DG Puttheads. Compare every disc over at flightcharts.dgputtheads.com

 Putting Notes

Using these putters for push putting was a little difficult as the plastic tended to fold too much but spin putting yielded a better result.  I’m wasn’t entirely comfortable with a soft putter, so it took me a while to get the hang of these discs.
After a decent amount of spin putting practice with a soft putter, I really see an advantage to carrying a soft disc.  It hits the chains and collapses into the basket.  If you miss by a little and hit metal, the disc doesn’t have a rollaway risk and tends to sit near the basket.  If you miss by a lot, the disc folds and stops when it hits the ground.
As for the P1 and P1x specifically, they putt straight and true.  These putters have noticeably less glide than other putters inside the circle which is especially nice when putting to an elevated basket or with trouble behind the goal.

Discmania P1x Putter


Both the P1 and P1x fly nicely when propelled with a light amount of power.  A straight flight followed by an easy fade gives confidence on those straight approach shots.  Again, I like the lack of glide which seems to be even less than the 3 rating given.  Throwing the Judge and Wizard around keeps me wanting a disc that will just drop instead of float away.
Give these putters a little more power and you’ll still see a solid flight.  You may get a little turn to the right, but not bad at all for a putter.  I wasn’t able to get a consistent forehand flick but both putters held an anhyzer line well when thrown with medium power.  Neither putter will be your goto disc for a hyzer shot, but the floppy plastic makes it land like a grenade shot.

Final Verdict

I know of several people that absolutely love the Discmania P1 Maniac, easy to throw and easy to putt.  If you are looking for a putter similar to an Aviar but a different plastic, perhaps the P1 or P1x is for you.

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