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Discmania P3 Review

The P3 by Discmania is a lower profile, overstable approach putter that can be used off the tee as well.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“The P3 is fast for a putter and a very torque resistant flyer. It has lower profile than normal putter and can be used as a mid-range too. It is a stable disc with predictable fade at the end. It’s a hybrid between the putter and mid-range – you make the call! The P3’s best weapon is it’s versatility – it’s an awesome flyer off the tee and a great tool for putting too. For the fans of fade-in putters out there this disc is a must try.”


Available plastics: C Line, D Line

Flight Rating:  3 speed, 2 glide, 0 turn, 3 fade

Initial Reactions

Pick up a P3 and the first thing you’ll notice is how close it feels to a mid-range.

Discmania P3 Profile

By the Numbers

Discmania P3


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Putting Notes

As overstable as the P3 is, I didn’t think I’d care to use it for putting.  I gave it a try and it doesn’t perform too bad at all for either a push or spin putt.  At 20’ however, I need to begin thinking about the fade of the disc.  Walking further out away from the circle’s edge gives a consistent drop at the end of flight.  I generally like my putts to hit straight and not fade-in.  That said, the P3 is a great wind putter.  You still need to be mindful of wind direction, but it fights the wind very well.


After reviewing the DGA Breaker, I was very happy with my “approach” putter.  All that may just change after playing with the P3.  I just like how it feels in my hand better.  It performs well when thrown off the tee and for those approaches with trouble behind the basket.  I don’t see a major risk of the putt gliding way past the target.  Give it a toss on an anhyzer line and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the nice flex flight it produces before it sits down nicely.

Aside from throwing the disc off the tee, the P3 is a great hyzer approach disc.  Several baskets at our local courses are hidden in a grove of trees requiring an accurate approach that doesn’t glide too far past the basket and into trouble.  A hyzer line gives great control, but a hyzer bomb is difficult to perform in a low-ceiling situation.

Disc golf basket in grove
A shot like this requires distance control. The basket is in a grove of trees that will block a hyzerbomb approach. Best bet is an accurate hyzer that won’t skip or glide past the basket into the trees.

Final Verdict

The Discmania P3 does everything the DGA Breaker does for me in a package that feels more comfortable.  On top of that it putts very well in windy conditions.  If you want a shorter mid-range or a longer overstable putter, the P3 needs to be in your bag.

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  • RGW

    looks like a good option for a (newly) popular tweener spot in the bag. I also looked at the Breaker, but didn’t love the feel in my handhand, it was just too skinny. looking forward to a review of the Harp… want to hear of you think it’s better classed as mid, or just add to this growing list of putter/mid crossovers

    • Rodney Lane

      I think the P3 is well worth a look.

      Interestingly enough, we’re preparing a review of both the Dynamic Discs Suspect (classified as a mid-range) and a Westside Discs Harp (putter). These seem like very similar discs and we’ve been throwing them for a few weeks for the purpose of a review. So far, I think the P3 is your disc if you want a mid-range feel and the Harp/Suspect will be your disc if you want a putter feel.

      We haven’t thrown anything in Prodigy’s new approach line yet.

  • IfICouldntPuttIdReallySuck

    I love my C-Line P3s. I never see anyone throwing this mold and it is a shame. A really great and underrated disc. Review is on point. I barely throw mids because of the P3. My go to approach disc, headwind putter, and maybe my favorite disc in my bag.

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