Disc Golf Puttheads Summer Update

Puttheads Early Summer Update

Dear Disc Golfers,

You may have noticed that our content has been infrequent over the past few months.  Our bad.  Seriously, we love publishing content and love the interaction with all of you.  Unfortunately, no matter how many t-shirts we own that claim so, life isn’t entirely disc golf for all of us.

As we were examining our sparse content and discussing what to focus on next, we realized that you probably know very little about us.  Maybe now would be a good time to provide an idea of what we’ve been up to lately besides providing you with your fix of disc golf content.  No life stories, we promise.

You may already know that we are brothers-in-law.  You may not know that we’re both family men; Rodney has three daughters and Chris has two daughters.  With our youngest girls at 3 and 2 years old respectively and we’ve had our share of tea parties surrounded by stuffed horses and invisible friends.  Aside from family time, we’ve both got a lot going on in our lives:

summerupdateI work as a Lead Software Designer, and more recently I’ve been able to work on a lot of process improvement and implementation of ITIL best practices in our Services department.  At home, I recently moved and have been enjoying the fun of a new environment, more yard work, and some minor house repair.  I am also an avid golfer, as mentioned in a few posts.  I play a few times a week and travel on extended golf vacations during the summer as well.     -Rodney

Clearly Rodney is a busy man.  So am I.  I began my masters degree in Data Science late last year and got crammed full of Yaml scripts on Ubuntu virtual machines; my second semester is just getting heavy.  I’ve spent the past five years as a data analyst for a software company, but I’ve just recently accepted a position in data science for a web hosting company.  I’ve resigned most of my workouts and runs to my lunch hour, but I still find time.     -Chris

All that said, we’re still focused on DG Puttheads and disc golf in general.  We thoroughly enjoy the interaction with you all and testing putters still hasn’t turned into a chore – it’s fun to us!  We get to play a round or two each week and we both have a solid practice course setup at home where we can work on our game while being available for the family (or even with the family).

We recently competed in our first disc golf tournament, a C-Tier at our home course.  We took everyone’s advice and participated as Novice.  The tournament experience was a blast, we learned a lot about our game, the rules, and some new lines at our home course, Burchfield Park.  Chris took first by 1 shot in a match that turned into a friendly battle between the Puttheads.

Now you a little more about us.  We’ll give a few personal updates now and then but expect to see our normal disc golf content flowing full again very soon.  Thanks for sticking with us, we can’t express how much your support means to us!


DG Puttheads



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  • Dave

    Nice job guys, keep up the great work. I know how it is to balance work, family, and Disc golf. I have twin 3 year old son and a 2 year old that keep me busy, but very happy. I enjoy your articles and look forward to seeing more in the future. Come play a round sometime in the Kalamazoo area!

    • Chris Bawden

      Thanks for the kind words, Dave. Your support is definitely appreciated and we’ll blast out notice next time we make it to Kalamazoo!

  • Kevin Stacey

    Congrats Guys! I wanted to play the Burchfield open with ya but life and work got in the way. Glad to see you did well. We need to play a round again soon.

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