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2016 Disc Golf Holiday Gift Guide

Are you buying a gift for a disc golfer but you don’t know the first thing about disc golf? We’re here to help with our 2016 Disc Golf Holiday Gift Guide so you won’t need to know how to throw a hyzer or a scoobie to make your disc golfer happy.

***Our 2018 Disc Golf Holiday Gift Guide is available here!***

We have several ideas for you and we’ve provided Amazon links for everything sold on Amazon.  That way you don’t have to worry about shopping at several new websites and you can combine shipping.  Or maybe you’d like a free trial of Amazon Prime for your holiday shopping.

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It’s winter, so many disc golfers can’t play as often as they’d like (or some of them even take some time away from the game, GASP).  Why not a nice disc golf book to get through the winter doldrums?

  • Discs and Zen
    • Just released at the end of November 2016 is Patrick McCormick’s second disc golf book.  Your disc golfer probably doesn’t have this yet.
  • Zen and the Art of Disc Golf
    • The first disc golf book by Patrick McCormick is a must read for all disc golfers.
  • The Definitive Guide to Disc Golf
    • Another great book for all disc golfers


Almost all disc golfers wear clothes while playing (hopefully all of them do, but I can’t say for sure).  Shoes are so personal that we can’t recommend buying them for another person – waterproof vs breathable, hiking vs athletic, zero drop or minimalist vs supportive heal, etc.  However, here are a few other apparel ideas.


Not the most fun gift, but we all need socks at some point.  I prefer low-cut socks but many like the crew length.

Pants or Shorts

Some people play in shorts, some in athletic pants, some in jeans. Regardless, all disc golfers need pants and many of us simply don’t have a great sense of style so now’s your chance to set your disc golfer up with some sharp lower body apparel.


Some prefer a dri-fit technology shirt and others prefer cotton.  Higher level tournaments require players to wear a collared shirt or a dri-fit shirt.  Many disc golfers, including us, enjoy owning a wide variety of disc golf shirts to be covered in all situations.


Chain Cutters Union custom prints are always in style, unique and hit at the heart of disc golf.  They also have a great sale of 25% off orders over $15 until December 14th!



Every sport’s got accessories.  There are a lot of accessories available but we’ve picked the ones we like to use the most.

  • We all need a nice towel
  • Dry off your hands and disc: SportSack
  • Hooker – Simply attach the hooker to the end of a long stick and pull out your disc.  Sold by Impact Discs.  (seriously, how can I write about this thing without sounding dirty?)
  • A stool works well for some slower paced tournaments and keeps the bag off the dirt.
  • HydroFlask – yes it is expensive but your disc golfer will enjoy a cold (or warm) drink any time of the day
  • This may be a bit more difficult, but if your disc golfer plays a lot of tournaments you should renew their Annual PDGA Membership.
    • At this page, you can click a link to purchase or renew for someone else.  You probably don’t know their PDGA membership number but this link allows you to locate your special disc golfer by name and city: http://www.pdga.com/players


Choosing a disc for someone else is rather difficult, even for those of us who know the sport.  Do you know what weight, color, plastic type, and desired flight path your disc golfer seeks?  Probably not, but here are a few must-own discs for everyone and some more obscure discs that would be fun for anyone to try regardless.

Beginner Discs

New discs are so fun, but many beginners struggle to throw hard enough to notice a difference between different discs.  Here are some options for someone who just picked up the game in the last year.  Maybe order a second set for yourself.

  • Driver – Discraft Thrasher
  • Driver – Dynamic Discs Breakout
  • Fairway – Latitude 64 River
  • Midrange – Innova Roc
  • Midrange – Discraft Buzzz
  • Putter – Latitude 64 Pure

Must-own Discs

If you don’t know anything about disc golf, here are some discs that we feel everyone should own.  Be aware that your disc golfer may already own one of these but a backup is always nice.  For most people you should choose a weight from 168-175 grams.

  • Discraft Undertaker
  • Dynamic Discs EMAC Truth (Chris’ go-to midrange)
  • Gateway Wizard (one of the most popular disc golf putters ever)
  • Any putter in Discraft Jawbreaker Plastic.  Discraft’s first putter exclusive plastic has only been available since the summer and many disc golfers haven’t thrown it yet.


Obscure Discs

Disc golf has seen many new brands pop up recently.  These discs make great gifts because, chances are, your disc golfer hasn’t thrown them yet.

  • Anything Kastaplast (Berg, Kaxe)
  • Ozone AndroC
  • Obsidian Discs Splinter (not available on Amazon)
  • Element Discs Plutonium (not available on Amazon)
    • Visits the Faction DG store and use promo code dgputtheads to receive 10% off any Plutonium for a limited time


  • Reptilian Discs Scale (not available on Amazon)


Those discs don’t carry themselves.  These are pretty tough to buy for someone else as there are so many different options and preferences.  Here’s our list of some favorites.


  • Dynamic Discs Ranger

Mid-size Bags

  • Latitude 64 Pro Bag
  • Backpack straps (Adds on to most mid-size bags)

Small Bags

These hold 6 or so discs and are great for short rounds and beginners.

  • Discraft Weekender
  • NutSac

Chris owns a NutSac and loves it for travelling.  It’s a little pricier, but it’s incredibly durable and sleek enough to stuff into an already crammed-for-vacation car.

Did we miss anything?

There are a lot of options here and we haven’t event mentioned any custom gifts like a custom dye, stickers or a bag tag.  Surly we’ve missed a few items so please let us know of other ideas that we should consider adding to our 2016 Disc Golf Holiday Gift Guide!

Of course, don’t be afraid to send us a message to ask questions about our recommendations, we’re always happy to help.

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays from the Puttheads!


Some of the links on this site are Amazon affiliate links and we may receive a small commission from products purchased using these links.  We still give our honest opinions and will never recommend a product unless we truly believe in it, but your support helps us to continue to provide disc golf related content.  Thank you!

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