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Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket Review

Continuing our exploration of portable disc golf baskets, we’ve picked up a Dynamic Discs Recruit basket.  Read on to see how it compares to other targets. In our previous review of the MVP Black Hole Pro basket, we mentioned the various categories of practice baskets ranging from ultra compact and portable to a replica of your local course’s target.  The Innova SkillShot is simple to transport and lightweight with a tradeoff of fewer chains and a smaller target.  The MVP Black Hole Pro is larger but still easy to transport.

The Recruit basket by Dynamic Discs is, as Dynamic Discs states, “tournament quality at practice price.”  With 26 chains in two layers and a size similar to baskets at your local park, the Recruit is here to impress.


Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket

I’m really glad the circular base includes a wheel as this weighs nearly 70 lbs!  You won’t want to move it too far or over uneven terrain, but the wheel sure helps placement.  I’m interested to see how the top plate handles the extra torque placed on it while using it to steer the basket around the yard.

Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket Base


Speaking of the top plate, the header piece of the Recruit basket is taller than many other baskets I have used.  This includes the MVP Black Hole Pro, but also many course baskets like the Innova Discatcher.  I can tell you it makes a solid clank noise to taunt your missed putts.

Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket Header


I won’t know how it holds up to the elements for a while and I don’t plan to leave it outside for extended periods of time.  It seems very well constructed and is extremely solid when in use.  As a compromise, there are some extra steps to take when assembling/disassembling the Recruit.  It is still technically portable and would work great as a temporary tournament setup or an all day event.  I wouldn’t want to tear it down and reassemble it daily though.

The top plate is thick, the cage is deep, and the chains are high quality.  My favorite feature, though, is the pattern of the cross bars on top and underneath the cage.  It adds nothing to the functionality but catches my eye.

Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket Top


Overall, the Dynamic Discs Recruit basket is beautiful and offers amazing performance for home practice.  At $199 this basket is at the high end of the practice basket price range and may be more than you want to spend, but for the extra money you get a portable basket that will best replicate an on-course experience.  You can’t go wrong with the Dynamic Discs Recruit for your home practice needs.

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Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket




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  • Simon Feasey

    Nice looking Basket, but as a manufacturer I can point out a couple of fundamental flaws. 1) the bend on the chain support spokes works well to orientate the center set of chains between the outer chains however means that the basket catches clockwise and counter clockwise putts differently. IMO this is a no no as it isn’t even for all players (Left and Right handed) The other issue with respect to durability is that the Electro passivated chain is not suitable for continuous outdoor life. I have been making and testing baskets for 15 years and this was one of my early mistakes lol
    Great to see these reviews keep it up.

    • bill

      can you explain further?
      “the bend on the chain support spokes works well to orientate the center set of chains between the outer chains however means that the basket catches clockwise and counter clockwise putts differently. “

      • Rodney Lane

        I’m no basket engineer but I see what Simon was saying. Take a look at the top down picture for reference. A disc entering from the right will cause the chains to give a little, potentially accepting a more firm throw. A disc entering from the left causes the chains to stay in place, potentially causing extra chain retaliation and a potential spit-out.

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