Chain Ringer Gear Disc Golf Bag
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Chain Ringer Gear Bag Review

Chain Ringer Gear is a new disc golf equipment company that is breaking into the market with bags.  Their Ultimate Disc Golf Starter Bag is a new entry point disc golf bag that has many unique features to make it stand out.  At $22, this new Chain Ringer Gear bag should make for a serious consideration as a small bag for beginners or for experienced players throwing quick rounds.

There are two aspects that I notice right away.  The first is the high quality which I did not expect from a low price point bag.  The material is thick and it’s got an extra-large shoulder pad on the single arm strap.  This should be enough to attract the attention of many disc golfers who are sick of bags falling apart.  The second characteristic that I notice is the lack of structure.  When the bag is full of discs it holds up just fine, but if there are three or more discs out at once the bag sags and falls over.  For disc golfers like myself that’s not a big deal because I rarely have more than two discs out at once, but this could be problematic if you only carry six to seven discs, if you’re unloading your bag on a short hole, or you’re doing field work. 

Chain Ringer Gear Putter Pocket

Chain Ringer Gears’ bag does not offer any inserts, which I prefer because inserts take up valuable space, but some players prefer a slot for each disc.  I personally feel that the bag holds a perfect number of discs for a small bag as I was able to comfortably fit 2 putters on the outer pocket plus eight more on the inside.  Surprisingly, the bag is quite deep and covers my discs very well.  The depth of the bag doesn’t make much difference to me personally, but I believe many people will find it nice to have the extra space especially when carrying items other than discs.

A feature that is a great personal preference for myself is the magnet that secures the top flap. I rarely take time to zip my top flap so it’s usually just hanging somewhere.  A magnet, however, doesn’t take extra time to secure, just flip the cover over and my bags are protected from rain and snow.  I do find that putters in the front pocket cover the magnet on the front so I need to pull them forward to secure the top, but it’s a minor inconvenience and I still prefer this over a zipper.

This brings me to my favorite feature of the Ultimate Disc Golf Starter Bag, the putter pocket.  The outside putter pocket has elastic straps on either side allowing for one or two putters to fit securely but not overly-tight.  This seems like a small detail, but I’ve had far too many bags where two putters must be stuffed or one putter is not secure.

On the front of the putter pocket is a mini marker pocket and a pencil holder.  While this does reduce the amount of storage for other stuff, I find it quite useful to have my mini, scorecard and pencil so readily available.  There is an inside zipper pocket for items such as wallet, keys, phone, or whatever other sensitive items you may have and an extra-large beverage pocket that should fit just about any beverage container.  Oh, and I shouldn’t forget the clip!  There is a clip attached to a nylon strap on the inside in case you have a bag tag or keys that you want stored safely but in an accessible fashion.

Chain Ringer Gear Bag Overhead

Overall I think the bag is great and at this price point I’d recommend any disc golfers strongly consider this as a starter or small-bag option.

Chain Ringer Gear’s Ultimate Disc Golf Starter Bag may be found on Amazon, but has been out of stock lately.  Here’s the link:

Chain Ringer Gear’s Ultimate Disc Golf Starter Bag



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