Innova Discs Corvette Disc Review
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Innova Corvette Review

The Innova Corvette was released in 2019 and billed as the fastest disc on the market. Innova took a step forward in the arms race of maximum distance drivers with this straight and fast disc. This 14 speed driver is possibly the straightest flying maximum distance driver on the market and the Corvette’s control is rivalled by very few in its class.

Innova Corvette Manufacturer Notes

This is how Innova describes the Corvette flight:

The Corvette is among our fastest class of distance drivers, Speed 14. It offers players extended glide, fairway accuracy, and commanding distance. The Corvette performs like the venerable Shryke, only faster.

Innova Corvette Manufacturer Page
Available Plastics: Champion, Star, GStar
Flight Rating: 14, 6, -1, 2, (GStar Corvette flight rating is 14, 6, -2, 2)

Innova Corvette Initial Reactions

Innova Discs Corvette Disc Profile

Super fast, super long, super straight. I may very well give up my brand exclusive bag and start throwing a Corvette full-time. Typically my distance gains are achieved from form work and it is rare that a single disc adds distance to my drive. However, the Corvette almost instantly added 10-15 feet (3-5 meters) to my throw. The best part is how controllable it is. The other best part is the smooth release. But really the best part is the extra distance.

Innova Corvette


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Innova Corvette Flight Notes

No surprise here, the best features of the Corvette is its speed. On a good throw the Corvette will fire out of your hand like a cannon and eat up more distance than you expect before fading like a true 2 fade. On a bad throw the Corvette will still achieve more distance than you would expect because it is so fast. The obvious danger here is if you shank your drive, the Corvette can end up quite far to the side. However, the Corvette loves straight lines and I find that it is easier to keep in the fairway than most maxiumum distance drivers.

The Corvette performs best on long and straight lines. This disc was made for laces down fairways no matter how tight the line. Even on high shots it tries to hold the line that it was thrown on, but it is fast and will hook hard when thrown too high. It works fine for big hyzers but it has enough flip that it is not the best for precision hyzers. It will handle anhyzers fine as well, but it loves to hold the line so long that you’ll need to be careful not to turn it too far. Simply put, it is not as workable as drivers with more turn and more fade but that’s ok because it is meant for long straight drives.

Innova Discs Corvette Flight Numbers

The high glide helps the Corvette perform well in any wind direction. It is fast enough that it holds up in a light headwind and can gain extra distance from a long gentle turn. The Corvette is not an overstable driver though and will turn hard in a heavy or gusting headwind.

I was suprised by how well it handled overhand throws, especially thumbers. Sometimes high speed drivers will cut and turn too much on overhand throws, but the Corvette offers a balances left to right movement and is easy to control while providing distance. Similarly, the Corvette is great for sidearm throws. It offers a smooth release with enough turn to flip up and the speed to handle torque.

Innova Corvette Comparables

Innova Colossus – Colussus turns more and not as fast
Innova Shryke – Corvette is a faster Shryke
Discraft Crank – Crank is a little more overstable
Dynamic Discs Sheriff – Sheriff is not as fast but a bit more fade
Infinite Discs Pharaoh – Pharoah is a speed slower
Westside Destiny – Corvette is straighter
DGA Torrent – Corvette has a bit more glide
MVP Teleport – Corvette holds a straighter line

Innova Corvette Conclusions

Any maximum distance driver should be reserved for intermediate to experienced players, however I recommend that any disc golfer throwing 400ft (121 meters) test the Corvette. The Corvette delivers an unparalled balance of distance and control for those who have the arm to throw it.

When you’re ready to thow super long and super straight check out your Corvette options here!

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