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Discraft Xtreme Review

In an interesting partnership, Infinite Discs has combined with Discraft to bring the Xtreme out of retirement as a signature disc for Drew Gibson.

Initial Reactions on the Xtreme

The Discraft Xtreme was retired from the main Discraft lineup many years ago. This re-release is intriguing, especially if you know someone who is in love with a disc that is marked out-of-production (read about Chris’ Crush crush). It is also interesting if you’re looking for a really overstable old-school disc.

The Xtreme doesn’t feel terrible in the hand, but it takes some time to get used to the sharper edges. That’s what gives it the super-overstable flight.

Discraft Xtreme


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Throwing the Xtreme

If you aren’t aware, Drew Gibson throws really far; like at least a few feet past my normal drive. So I understand this disc for someone of his skill.

Throw the Xtreme with a flat release and you’ll be greeted with a flight that looks like you intended to throw a big hyzer. Almost immediately out of my hand this thing starts cutting left. After a few throws, I was able to figure out a release angle and height that would lead to some massive skips off the fairway. If your normal course has shorter holes with immediate left turns, the Xtreme might be the exact disc you need.

Throw this overstable driver on a hyzer but be warned, it might end up landing vertically! Really neat looking until it rolls off the fairway and into the weeds. On a severe anhzyer, I was able to get a little more distance but this disc still quickly converts into a fade machine. Many years ago I threw and Innova Viper as my goto spike hyzer disc and the Xtreme flies very similarly. If you practice with it enough, you can get it to land, flip, and stop quickly.


Innova Whippet/Innova Viper – The Xtreme flies very similar to these old school massively overstable discs.
Innova Firebird – The Xtreme is shorter and much more overstable than the Firebird.
Discraft Buzzz OS – The Xtreme starts fading much earlier and has a lot more ground play than the Buzzz OS.
Discraft Reaper – Similar low glide, Reaper is faster but Xtreme is more overstable
Discraft Drone – Drone is a slower midrange with rounded nose, Xtreme is a fairway driver with sharp nose.

Discraft Xtreme Final Verdict

This disc has no place in my bag. If you throw far like Drew or play in Xtreme headwinds, you’ll want something like this for your mid level approach shots. Otherwise, I bet you have better options. That said, it is pretty fun to bring this out during field work and watch it fade right out of my hand.

I believe Infinite Discs is the only place to pick up this Discraft re-release. It also would be a great candidate for our proposed eXtreme Disc Golf Association.

Disclaimer: We are affiliated with Infinitediscs.com but we will still provide our honest opinion and will never recommend an item unless we have tested it and believe in its quality. We also fully support Infinite Discs and the customer service that they provide and would do so even without any affiliation. We are also affiliated with Amazon.com and may receive a small commission on items purchased after clicking our links. We truly appreciate your support.

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