Above Ground Level Sycamore Review
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Above Ground Level Sycamore Review

The Sycamore is Above Ground Levels’ go-to fairway driver, and they did it right. AGL built the Sycamore to do its job consistently and get straight down the fairway every time. It’s like your favorite coffee stand down the street. You’re suprised there isn’t a longer line because they reliably serve a good cup of coffee each time. No mistakes, they just do it right.

AGL Sycamore Manufacturer Notes

Here’s how Above Ground Level Discs describes the Sycamore:

This disc is a great ALL-AROUND driver. You can really crank on it, and it will pop up just a bit before finishing out slightly stable. The Sycamore has been compared to (or replaced) some of the most famous 7speeds out, by some customers. This disc is an essential part of our line up and a SUPER user-friendly Fairway driver.

AGL Sycamore Manufacturer Page
Available Plastics: Alpine
Flight Rating: 7, 5, 0, 1

AGL Sycamore Initial Reactions

AGL Discs Sycamore profile side

The Sycamore sits nicely in the hand with a true 7 speed sized rim and a high nose. The rim and profile are slightly deeper than most 7 speed fairway drivers but not intrusive because of the high nose. The Sycamore has a noticeable flashing around the bottom of the rim which smooths out after five to six rounds of good use.

Above Ground Level Sycamore


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AGL Sycamore Flight Notes

The Sycamore is actually labeled as a ‘Control Driver’ on the disc which is appropriate because of the amount of control it gives you. The Sycamore wants to hold a straight line, like really straight and every time. After a few rounds it breaks in to provide just a little bit of a flip up to hold a crazy straight line. It won’t flip much no matter how hard you throw it. In this sense I would compare it to an Innova TeeBird which is known for its desire to consistently find a straight line. The Sycamore displays a reliable fade, but despite its flip resistance it does not fade hard. It does have a tendency to skip on harder grounds.

AGL discs Sycamore flight numbers

I feel that the Sycamore has closer to a 4 or 4.5 glide than 5 which makes it that much straighter and consistent in all situations. I can hit the same precise line drive after drive making this is a wonderful disc for tight lines especially on wooded fairways or in windy conditions. Conversly, I am not able to shape my shots side to side with the Sycamore as much other similar fairway drivers because of the moderate glide. If I put it on an anhyzer it tries to pull out and still carry a straight line. Obviously this is a great characteristic for throwing precise hook shots and high hyzers.

The Sycamore is torque resistant so it makes for a great sidearm disc. Even on full power sidearms the Sycamore only flips to straight. Although the Sycamore can handle the snap of an overhand shot, I find that the higher profile and lower glide slow it down enough that I couldn’t achieve a lot of distance.

The Sycamore is an amazing wind disc. Where most straight fairway drivers will be pushed around by wind, the Sycamore still tries to keep its same line in any wind direction. I was very pleased with how well the Sycamore handled a headwind.

AGL Discs Sycamore stamp

AGL Sycamore Comparables

Innoava TeeBird – Sycamore has a higher profile and a touch less glide
Innova Eagle – Eagle is more workable with harder fade
Discraft Stalker – Stalker has more turn and a bit more glide
Kastaplast Kaxe Z – Sycamore is faster and lower glide
Legacy Rival – Rival is a little more overstable
DGA Pipeline – Pipeline is faster with higher glide and wider diameter
Discmania Instinct – Instinct is lower profile with more fade

Above Ground Level Discs Sycamore

Above Ground Level Discs Sycamore Conclusions

AGL’s Sycamore is one of the most consistant and reliable fairway drivers I have thrown. It is not your best choice for shaping your shots, but it may be your best choice for ensuring a straight shot every time. Newer players should find the Sycamore a reliable overstable driver, while advanced players should welcome the amazing consistancy of this straight control driver.

If you want to try one of the most consistent fairway drivers available you can check your Sycamore options here!

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