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Above Ground Level Discs Ponderosa Review

The Ponderosa is AGL’s high glide and understable putter offering. The Ponderosa contasts nicely with the rest of AGL’s overstable and moderate glide putter offerings. The Ponderosa is named after the tree, not the steakhouse, but it offers that mouth-watering late turn that every disc golfer needs.

AGL Ponderosa Manufacturer Notes

Here’s what Above Ground Level Discs says about their Ponderosa putter:

Boy this thing is a ton of fun! And seems to be getting tons of folks those Circle 2 putts!! We have more footage of 50+ footers with the Ponderosa (largely due to Mike Leeman), as he shows everyone how this slightly Understable Putter can really bang some chains! We have been tempted to change the numbers for the glide and give it some more – cause this thing GLIDES FOR DAYSSSSZZZZZS!!!

AGL Ponderosa Manufacturer Page
Available Plastics: Woodland, Woodland Hemp
Flight Rating: 2, 4, -1, 0

AGL Ponderosa Initial Reactions

Above Ground Level Ponderosa profile

At first grip the Ponderosa fits nicely in the hand but has a noticeably low nose. The low nose does not feel bad, just different than most putters. The Ponderosa has an average profile at a height of 21.1cm but the low nose combined with beadless rim offer the feel of a lower profile and a smooth release. I estimate the Ponderosa’s speed higher, around 2.5 maybe even a bit faster. AGL is molded by Gateway and my Ponderosa feels like Gateway’s SSS plastic which has always been one of my favorites.

Above Ground Level Ponderosa


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AGL Ponderosa Putting Notes

AGL Discs Ponderosa putter stamp

The Ponderosa is a point-and-shoot putter. The high glide and understable flight allow a soft toss directly at the basket. The high glide also allows it to hold just about any line needed. Since the Ponderosa is understable, it will not flex out of most anyzer lines even on long jump putts. The onle thing to watch out for is the Ponderosa’s high glide which can carry it past the basket. Near the edge of circle 2 it tends to excentuate hyzer lines. This is useful for high putts around obstacles. The Ponderosa works fine for all putting styles including straddle and push putting, but it the high glide makes it stand out as a spin putter. 

The Ponderosa will get pushed by the wind because it is both high glide and understable. However, the sharper nose does offer some ability to cut into the wind where more blunt noses may lose momentum more quickly. This helps to maintain some consistency in gusty wind, but it would be helpful to also carry AGL’s Manzanita putter for windy conditions.

One great feature I found with the Ponderosa is its ability to grab the chains. I had multple putts that hit am-side and should have bounced out but didn’t. This was even true in wet conditions and odd angles. My best guess is the low nose and soft enabled the chain grab. I typically prefer overstable putters for turbo putting, but the chain grab and low nose make the Ponderosa a good turbo putt option.

AGL Ponderosal Flight Notes

AGL Ponderosa Putter Flight Numbers

The Ponderosa shines as an approach disc because of the pin-point accuracy and high glide. The Ponderosa can hold tight lines with light throws and still fade forward or controllable hyzer flips on harder throws. You will even find you can hit tight lines on high and looping shots with great control. This makes the Ponderosa is an excellent approach putter on wooded courses. When it hits trees, the Ponderosa bends instead of bouncing hard. This causes it to break in quickly and warp somewhat, but it bends back easily and the flight is unaffected.

When thrown flat, the Ponderosa will flip and does not like to come back. Throw the Podnerosa with a fan grip and be careful not to over power it because it dives when thrown too hard. Lighten up just a bit though and you will find it offers a beautifully controllable late turn. Throw it higher and the Ponderosa will fade straight at the end. This understable putter will even flip up on most hyzers unless really powered down.

The Ponderosa is a great option for short flick shots because of the high glide and smooth release. Released on a slight hyzer flick it will flip up for easy distance with accuracy. Released on an anhyzer angle, the Ponderosa glide out and fade flat and rarely pull out of the anhyzer. You won’t want to release on a high anhyzer angle unless you’re going for a roller. However, the Ponderosa is a good choice if you are looking for a roller putter.

AGL Ponderosa Comparable Putters

Gateway Magic – Ponderosa is a bit faster with sharper nose
Prodigy PA4 – PA4 is a touch faster and shallower
Infinite Discs Cohort – Similar feel, Ponderosa is higher glide
Latitude 64 Swan – Swan is a little faster and lower profile
RPM Discs Tui – Similar feel, Tui is faster
DGA Reef – Reef displays more s-curve
Vibram Summit – Summit is more understable

Above Ground Level Discs Ponderosa

Above Ground Level Ponderosa Conclusions

The Ponderosa is a great understable putter option with high glide and a smooth release. It will be especially beneficial for beginners looking for an easy to throw putter, but advanced players will take advantage of the tight lines and late turn. AGL did a great job balancing out their putter options by releasing the Ponderosa.

Check your options here when you’re ready to grab chains with a high glide putter!

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