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MVP Atom Review

The MVP Atom is one of the straightest and easiest to throw putters that you’ll find.  Combine that with the flat top, low profile, and rounded nose you you’ve got one stellar disc.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“The Atom is a straight flyer with enormous potential off the tee and on long approaches. Right off the shelf, the Atom has a neutral stability with just a bit of fade. Over time the Atom will wear in to an extremely straight and floaty putter. The Atom combines Electron baseline putter plastic with the extended flight phases of GYRO™ Overmold Technology, producing a tactile and controllable go-to putter.”

Available plastics: Electron, Electron Soft

Flight Rating:  2, 3, 0, 0

Initial Reactions

The Atom’s overmold with low profile, no bead, and small diameter immediately give you the feel of a point and shoot putter, and that’s just what the Atom is.  Electron plastic, especially Electron Soft, is great for those short control shots and also provide excellent grip.  Simply put, the MVP Atom is the straightest disc I’ve thrown.

MVP Atom profile view

By the Numbers

MVP Atom


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The Atom has a low fade so depending on the plastic and the number of trees you’ve hit you may expect the Atom to have a .5 or even 0 fade.

Putting Notes

Point MVP’s Atom at the basket, toss, and watch the chains rattle.  The Atom is a neutral putter inside of 50 feet and is a solid choice for almost any putting line and style.  Because the Atom is so straight and has a high amount of glide I find it best to putt straight at the basket and it’s advantages stand out the most when used for spin putting.  Anhyzer putts are fine, as are mild hyzer putts, but straight tosses make the best use of the glide.

Watch the wind, as with most glidey putters, the Atom can get away from you, but the extra glide can be used to catch and ride the wind toward the basket with little effort.  The Atom grabs grass well and doesn’t roll away often even on hills, but when the ground is dry and dusty it will roll and wander on occasion.


MVP’s atom is incredibly straight and accurate.  Credit the patented Gyro technology by MVP or just the shape, but either way it’s just about the straightest approach disc I’ve thrown.  200 feet and in the Atom loves to glide on an extremely straight line but similar to putting it will hold hyzer and anyzer lines well as long as they aren’t too extreme.  Because of the low stability, the Atom will flip up when thrown on a hyzer line with any power, but this does create for a nice hyzer-flip approach shot.  The Atom will also handle long gentle hyzers well, although I do occasionally have difficulty pulling it out of long high anhyzers where it likes to continue on its line.

One interesting characteristic of the Atom’s flight that I noticed is the amount of vertical movement.  While flying on a straight line the Atom has a tendency to rise up with power, but it will drop while still holding that straight line.  If you watch videos of people throwing the Atom you’ll see this movement is common.  Under 150 feet this is usually fine but as you get to 200 feet and up you’ll want to be careful if you’ve to a ceiling or you’re throwing with a heavy breeze.

Assisted by its low profile and high glide, the Atom is versatile.  It handles side arm shots quite well as long as the power is within limit and it can even make a decent roller.  It handles stall shots quite well due to the stability rating and high glide.  Regardless of the type of shot you use, the Atom doesn’t skip much and it has a gentle landing which is favorable for most conditions.

Final Verdict

The MVP Atom is a superb all-around neutral putter and has only been bumped from my bag since I’ve opted for low glide approach discs.  The Atom would be a great choice for beginners to learn the putt and approach basics but advanced players will enjoy the high glide and ability to aim straight and hold line.

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