Just Throw

Just Throw – Episode 4 – Colors

Fall colors have infiltrated our courses, and the podcast.  Episode 4 is ready now.

Episode Theme: Colors
Episode Length: 00:56:31
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  • Introduction
    • We’re closing in on Patrick McCormick’s second disc golf book.  Stay tuned to ZenDiscGolf.com for the latest updates on Discs and Zen.
    • November means fall in Michigan, which brings out the beautiful colors and smells of the season.
    • Check out our Facebook fall colors album.Fall Color Disc Golf Basket Beautiful Disc Golf Tee Pad with Fall Color
  • Life application
    • What colors do you wear?  Why?
    • Did you know there is a ton of research around what color to paint a room? Or what color of lights to use at the office?
    • Tiger Woods wore red on Sunday’s, do you know why?
  • What color of discs do you prefer?
    • Why?
      • Looks? Theme? Flavor? Scent?
    • Do you change seasonally?
  • What are the “worst” colors of discs?
    • Clear!
    • White in the snow, brown in the dirt, dark at night
  • What color of discs do we normally find during our disc scavenging excursions?
    • Tye Die
    • Red
    • Dark Blue
  • Product Reviews

DG Puttheads support page: https://dgputtheads.com/support

Also, check out the Discraft Hyzerween pumpkin carving contest: http://discraft.com/hyzerween/

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Intro Music: Down by Against the Gray


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