halloween disc golf pumpkin carving

Halloween Disc Golf Pumpkin Carving

Carving Halloween disc golf pumpkins has blown up over the past few years.  You may not have been able to find many disc golf jack-o-lanterns a few years back, but social media is ripe with disc golf pumpkins now!  Discraft certainly instigated the disc golf pumpkin craze with their Hyzerween contest in 2016, and we can see the popularity continue to grow.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite disc golf pumpkin carvings from around the internet, but we plan to add more as you disc golfers carve even more amazing disc golf pumpkins.  This should give you some great ideas for a hyzer pumpkin of your own, but if you’ve already got one, please share it with us!

Best Disc Golf Pumpkins

This first disc golf pumpkin carving with pumpkin seed chains was the winner of Discraft’s Hyzerween contest (and happens to have been carved by Chris so we’re a bit biased).

halloween disc golf pumpkin carving
Winner of Discraft’s Hyzerween disc golf pumpkin contest in 2016

This next disc golf pumpkin is one of the originals that has been visible on the internet for a few years.

disc golf pumpkin original
Posted by emstarlight on Deviant Art

This disc golf basket pumpkin has been circulating Pinterest.

disc golf pumpkin chains
Disc golf basket pumpkin that appears to have originally been posted on Pinterest by photos-a.ak.fbcdn.net but is difficult to confirm

This is Rodney’s Discraft Crank pumpkin which did pretty well in our local pumpkin carving contest.

discraft crank disc golf pumpkin
Rodney’s Discraft Crank sasquatch pumpkin

Another great pumpkin disc golf basket from this year sporting some pumpkin seed chains by Max Halabut.

pumpkin disc golf
Another great pumpkin seed chain bakset

While this may not be an actual disc golf jack-o-lantern carving, it’s still an amazing work of disc golf pumpkin art from the Mountain Run Disc Golf Club.

mrdgc disc golf pumpkin
Amazing disc golf pumpkin

An Innova disc look-alike pumpkin.

innova disc golf pumpkin
Innova disc golf pumpkin posted to Facebook by Aaron Scooter

TRI FLY Disc Golf got creative by embedding a disc right into the pumpkin.

eric mccabe disc golf pumpkin
Eric McCabe disc embeded right into a pumpkin

This is a clean and excellent HukLab pumpkin from many years ago (appears photoshopped but still awesome).

disc golf huklab pumpkin
HukLab pumpkin posted to Facebook by Mike Jenneman

Here’s a great Freddy Krueger Buzzz carving from Julian Leichert in the Hyzerween contest.

disc golf pumpkin freddy krueger
Freddy Krueger Buzzz pumpkin carving for the Hyzerween contest

This was one of the finalists in the Hyzerween contest and deserves a lot of props for the incredible detail.  It was originally posted by @mattvm89 who no longer seems to exist.

discgolf pumpkin carving finalist
Discraft Hyzerween 2016 finalist

You can see all 20 of the Hyzerween finalists here: https://twitter.com/DiscraftDG/status/793159026468986880

Disc Golf Halloween Costume

This picture was submitted to us by Adrian Phillips on Twitter.  It’s not a pumpkin, it’s a disc golf Halloween costume, but it’s so awesome that we had to add it!

disc golf halloween costume
Disc Golf Halloween costume from Adrian Phillips on Twitter

We hope this has given you some good ideas for your disc golf pumpkin carving contest, but we would love to see what you’ve done.   Share your disc golf pumpkin pictures with us or let us know if there are others that deserve to be on the list!


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