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In The Bag 2020 Winter Edition

How do you change your disc golf bag for the cold months? Or do you keep the same discs in your bag all year round? Disc Golf Chris completely changes out his bag in the winter and goes to a minimalist model built for cold temperatures and heavy wind. Below you will find Chris’ 2020 In The Bag winter edition followed by a quick run down of his best winter discs.

2020 Winter Disc Golf Discs

AGL Manzanita – Great grip, overstable, consistent in the wind
Discraft Jawbreaker Roach – Superior grip, workable in cold
Innova DX Wolf – Understable but low glide for control
Discraft Pro-D Zombee – Better in wind than most midranges
Kastaplast K2 Kaxe (alternate) – Consistent and flexible
Discraft ESP FLX XL – Straight in cold temps, very high glide
Discraft Z FLX Undertaker – Consistent and just flexible enough
Discraft Pro-D Crush – Good grip, fights wind
Discraft ESP Hades – Should flip nicely in cold
Innova Star X-Caliber – Consistent in wind

You can see the flight path and flight numbers of all these winter discs at the DG Puttheads Flight Chart tool here!

2020 Winter Disc Golf Bag

Chris prefers a small, lightweight bag for winter. Some disc golfers prefer larger bags with more storage for things like gloves, towels, and extra layers, Chris is already bundled in mulitple layers and prefers an easy to cary bag.

NutSac Disc Golf Bag – Small and lightweight, very durable
Infinite Discs Slinger Bag (alternate) – Lightweight and easy to carry

You can also see Chris’ normal 2020 In The Bag here:


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