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Kestrel Disc Golf Bag Review

Kestrel Outdoors is a disc golf company that many disc golfers have heard of but few have experience with. Kestrel Outdoors is based in the Rockey Mountains in Utah and makes discs, bags, and few other disc golf accessories. Many of us have come across Kestrel while browsing the internet for disc golf equipment and wonder about their products. We decided it was time to get some information out there for you! Kestrel was generous enough to send us thre disc golf bags, each of which we have reviewed below.

Kestrel also has a blog with some neat articles, like “How To Get Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend Hooked on Disc Golf”. If you would like to learn more about Kestrel Outdoors you can visit the site here.

Kestrel Weekday Disc Golf Bag

Kestrel offers a variety of bags to cover many levels of disc golfers. Their entry level bag is the Weekday Disc Golf Bag and comes in around $17-$22 depending on where you order. The Weekday Bag is a small bag which holds around 6-7 comfortably. It has a pocket on the outside which can be used for a putter or other disc golf stuff.

This Kestrel bag is made of a smooth nylon type of material which is light weith and comfortable to carry. The quality is acceptable but I noticed some cosmetic scuffs on the nylon after a few months that probably wouldn’t show up on a tougher material. A loose string or two stuck out in a couple places but had no affect on the bag integrity. The quality is decent enough for a casual disc golfer but probably not for regular league play.

This Kestrel bag has an open top design with a strap that clips over your discs. The strap is adjustable so that you can tighten or loosen depending on the number of discs you stuff in. I like this design for quick rounds, especially when I am running on the course. The downside is that when the bag is not clipped shut the discs had a tendency to fall out of the bag and the strap required retightening frequently.

There is also a zipper pocket on the back side to carry your phone, wallet, pet hamster, or other things disc golfers commonly carry on the course. The front pocket could be used for a putter but also has a velcro divider in case you want to use it for easy acess to a score card or phone. The Weekday Bag comes with mesh drink pockets on either side which were sufficient to hold normal sized drinks but probably not large sport drink bottles.

Overall I would consider this a good bag for a beginner given the low price and light weight. Because of the open top I wouldn’t recommend this as a travel disc golf bag or for more serious disc golfers. However, it should work for a casual round especially when you’re in a hurry and need to grab discs quickly.

You can price out the Kestrel Weekday Disc Golf bag here!

Kestrel Small Disc Golf Bag

The next step up in the Kestrel Disc Golf Bag line is another small bag but is a sturdier canvas material with a snap flap on the top. This bag may draw comparisons to the NutSac disc golf bag both in size and appearance, but comes in at about half the price, $22-$24. It is also comparable in style and size to the MVP Cell bag, but we have not yet tested the Cell bag. This bag can comfortably hold 6-7 discs in the main pocket with a front putter pocket that easily holds 2 putters, but it also includes two snaps in case you are using it for non-disc items. A large zipper pocket on the back is available for you pet hamster and other important items that you don’t want to fall out, and the only other storage option is a mesh drink holder for normal sized drinks.

The heaviy duty canvas is the big standout for this bag. After a few months of use I have not noticed anything more than dirt marks, no strings are sticking out and there is no damage to the bag. I expect this bag to hold up to multiple seasons of frequent use and it should be an excellent travel bag as well. The inside lining is not made of heavy canvas so there is a chance of this wearing out or tearing over time, but it has held up fine for a number of months of testing.

The snap flap on this bag is well designed. It is tall enough that you will not have any trouble fitting large sized discs but not so large that discs fall out. Although the canvas bag does not have any hard structure to it, it sits upright just fine when I set it on the gound. The shoulder strap on this Kestrel bag is good quality and feels fine, I had no issues adjusting it properly.

I see very little downside to this small Kestrel disc golf bag. I also own a NutSac disc golf bag (which I love) and while the NutSac is very high quality and comes with a lifetime guarantee, it is also quite expensive for the size. The Kestreal canvas bag is about half the price of a NutSac and should hold up well for many years. I recommend this bag to any disc golfer who is looking for a small disc golf bag at a decent price.

You can price out the Kestrel canvase disc golf bag here!

Kestrel Heavy Duty Disc Golf Bag

Kestrel Large Disc Golf Bag

The final bag in the Kestrel line up is the larger, more traditional style shoulder strap disc golf bag. This large bag is long with a single shoulder strap which holds between 18 and 22 discs comfortably and a putter pocket on the front. It offers a built in structure from two velcro dividers in the main storage area, a large zipper pocket on one end, a small velcro pocket plus drink holder on the other end, plus two small hidden pockets inside either end. The zipper flap on the top also contains a mesh zipper pocket.

The large Kestrel bag draws comparisons to Innova’s Competition bag and the MVP Nucleus Bag both in size and style. Again though, it is around half the cost at $27-$29. The higher price tag of the Competition and Nucleus bags will deliver higher quality, but this large Kestrel bag is by no means low quality and should work quite well for most disc golers. After a few months of use there are no noticeable areas of wear or damage and I don’t see any issues with this bag holding up for many years.

The most noticeable disadvantage to this bag is the shoulder strap and accompanying pad is a little thinner than many shoulder bags. As a result, it digs into my shoulder more than larger shoulder pads when I have a full bag load. If your bag isn’t full or if you opt to attach backpak straps then this shouldn’t be an issue. I also found that the putter pocket held one putter perfectly but a second putter stretched it out. This is not an issue in most cases but can cause the putters to dislodge if you slide against trees at the wrong angle walking into wooded areas.

I had expected the low price tag of the large Kestrel disc golf bag to result in inferior dividing structures and cheap velcro. This was not the case and the dividers held up just fine with no velcro issues. Zippers can also be a big issue on disc golf bags, but the zippers on the Kestrel bag are still working perfectly. The primary material is thinner than the Innova or MVP bags so I would not expect it to last quite as long, but you should get many good seasons out of this large bag.

Overall I would consider this a good disc golf bag with a great price. The large Kestrel disc golf bag should be a good option for most disc golfers looking for a should strap bag. It may not last as many seasons as the more expensive models if you throw 4-5 times per week, but at that point you probably already have a backpack bag that you’re happy with. Due to the price point, this Kestrel bag will be an excellent option for newer disc golfers who are testing out new types of equipment. There are only a few disadvantages to the bag which I believe the low price point will make up for.

You can see the Kestrel large disc golf bag for yourself here!

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