• DG Puttheads custom marker by Nak
    Product Review

    Nak Mini Disc Golf Markers

    ***Update – Nak is not currently taking orders and social pages are turned off.  We will update this page when Nak is back up.*** There’s a new disc golf mini marker company in the game called Nak Mini Disc Golf Markers.  If you’re asking, “So what, just another mini?”, then you should take a look at what this Pennsylvania company is producing before you brush it off.  Nic, the creator, sent us a custom metal mini maker with the DG Puttheads ‘DGPH’ monogram engraved on the underside and it’s quickly become my favorite mini in my collection. Nak Mini Disc Golf Markers just recently popped up. Now, the popularity is exploding…

  • Friction Gloves Disc Golf Review
    Product Review

    Friction Gloves Review

    I’m sure you are aware that we play year round no matter the temperature but you probably didn’t know that both Chris and I don’t wear a glove on our playing hand.  Zero degrees outside? No glove.  Super high winds? No glove.  A foot of snow or driving rain? No glove.  We have always preferred to use our bare hand.  After all it’s the only thing that comes in contact with the disc we wish to propel and we can deal with cold hands for a while.  If only there were a viable solution…

  • Product Review

    Discraft Jawbreaker Plastic Review

    Discraft’s Jawbreaker plastic is their new putter exclusive plastic, and we couldn’t be more excited in the attention they’re giving to putters!  And even more exciting, the Jawbreaker plastic is beautiful!  It’s a marbled look very similar to a large jawbreaker you may find in the quarter machine at the mall, and comes in a number of pastel colors. Discraft Jawbreaker Feel More important than the look, however, is the feel.  Jawbreaker is characterized by it’s superior grip best described as smooth but tacky.  Because of the pattern, many people have speculated that Jawbreaker plastic is actually rubber with a coarse feel similar to other manufacturer’s rubber molds.  This is not the case.…

  • MVP Black Hole Pro Basket
    Product Review

    MVP Black Hole Pro Basket Review

    Are you looking to improve your putting?  Having a practice basket at home will allow you more time to practice and many basket manufacturers now have affordable offerings for just that purpose.  Here’s an in depth look at the MVP Black Hole Pro Basket.

  • The Definitive Guide to Disc Golf Book
    Product Review

    The Definitive Guide to Disc Golf Book Review

    Do you remember when you first started disc golf?  I’m guessing you were introduced to the game by a friend.  I’m also guessing you had several questions that you were too scared to ask.  Or perhaps you’ve been playing for a while and don’t know the game’s history, understand all of the rules, or know how to perform each type of throw.  Maybe you’ve noticed that disc golf terminology is often misused, misunderstood, or even localized.  In “The Definitive Guide to Disc Golf,” Justin Menickelli and Ryan “Slim” Pickens have written a comprehensive guide for the game you play.

  • Chain Ringer Gear Disc Golf Bag
    Product Review

    Chain Ringer Gear Bag Review

    Chain Ringer Gear is a new disc golf equipment company that is breaking into the market with bags.  Their Ultimate Disc Golf Starter Bag is a new entry point disc golf bag that has many unique features to make it stand out.  At $22, this new Chain Ringer Gear bag should make for a serious consideration as a small bag for beginners or for experienced players throwing quick rounds.

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