Disception Natalfest Trophy


Disception 2019

Saturday, October 19th
Burchfield Park, Renegades Trail.
Registration at 8:00am and tee-off at 8:30am.
Cost $25 by October 4th to include shirt, or $20 after with no shirt (may can be paid via PayPal, Google Wallet or cash)

·        8:00am Registration and Players Pack pick up
·        8:30am Players Meeting
·        8:45am Singles Tee Off
·        11:00am Lunch
·        11:30am Doubles Tee Off
·        3:00pm Disc Exchange/Extra Challenges
·        Prizes immediately following

Disception Disc Golf Event

Disception is an invite only disc golf event put on by the Disc Golf Puttheads.  Our intention is for Disception to be a fun disc golf outing with a low level of competition and high level of fun, although there are still a few throwers who compete hard to sign the trophy.  The idea is to attract disc golfers who enjoy the sport and camaraderie but may not care to spend a day playing in a competitive tournament.  This ideal is emphasized by offering prizes to nearly every participant (we seriously offered individual 25 prize packs in 2017) and not following a typical tournament payout schedule.  Disception is not a PDGA sanctioned event, but loosely follows PDGA official rules.

Prize packs are often a disc, a hat, a T-shirt shirt, drinking glasses, a UV flashlight for glow disc golf, minis, or other various items.  Since many of us work in IT or Tech, we often include nerd prize packs like T-shirts from tech companies, data books, and other nerdy items (2018 features a USB personal desk fan).

Disception 2019 Details

Instead of event discs, this year we are including an event shirt.  Once agian, the design is being created by local artist Chad Cole.  Payment must be made prior to October 4th to be garaunteed a shirt.  Please contact Chris or Rodney to reserve a spot in advance or you may show up on event day where registration will be awarded in order of arrival.  We are not reserving space for the event, simply showing up and throwing discs.

The $25 registration fee includes an event shirt (if paid by 10/4/19), a guaranteed prize pack, lunch, and of course an awesome day of disc golf with the Disc Golf Puttheads and friends!  We make no profit from this event and currently have no sponsors, the entire purpose is to have a fun day and build excitement around disc golf.

We plan on ordering pizza for lunch between rounds this year, please let us know if you have any particular dietary restrictions.

The general format will remain consistent with previous years except with no restriction on discs this year.

Singles Round: The singles round will begin around 8:45am and be played on the short-to-short layout.  We’ll break into groups of 4 and keep score like normal then meet back at the start.  There is no restriction on discs that you are able to use.

Doubles Round:  The doubles round will be played on a custom layout similar to the AM 2 layout from the Burchfield Open.  This is a standard doubles round (a.k.a. scramble) except that you will be paired up according to the scores of the first round.  First place finisher will be paired with last place finisher, second place finisher will be paired with second-to-last place finisher and so on.  Again, no restrictions on discs.

Winners:  The winner of the overall event is the thrower with the lowest combined scores from the individual and doubles round.  We do this to decrease competition and to encourage close matches across the field and so far it’s been received very well.  The overall winner, winner of the individual round, and winners of the doubles round all get first pick at prizes or sometimes even special prizes.  The overall winner also gets to sign the Disception trophy which is the ultimate prize.

Ace Pot/Raffle: You will have the option to buy into the ace pot for $5 cash on the day of the event.  The ace pot will go to the player with an ace on the earliest hole.  If no aces are hit then we may hold a closest to pin showdown or maybe just a raffle.  (Rules may be adjusted slightly prior to starting date.)

Luther Bazoo Award: The Luther Bazoo award is a self nominated award for worst throw of the day.  If you had a terrible throw then you can nominate yourself, but don’t feel obligated.  You may not nominate other throwers for this award.  Sometimes there is a prize of a really crappy disc, other years it’s just a recognition that you had the worst throw of the event.  You may read more about Luther Bazoo here: https://sites.google.com/site/lutherbazoo/ 

The rounds are followed the disc exchange, and games such as ring of fire and closest to pin where additional prizes may be available.

Disception Disc Exchange

The disc exchange was introduced to give newer disc golfers the opportunity to try unfamiliar discs without spending money, but we found it to be exciting and useful even for seasoned players.

Any event attendee who chooses to participate will place a disc in the exchange pile.  Participants will take turns (in reverse order of overall event ranking) and select any disc from the pile they choose.  The participant may keep that disc or offer a trade with any other participant.  The Disc Exchange will consist of two rounds and participants may choose to place two discs in the pile and participate in both rounds, or only place one disc in the pile and participate in just the first round.

Discs placed in the center must be premium plastic (Champion, Elite Z, Star/G-Star, ESP, VIP, Lucid, Proton, Neutron, etc…).  Discs may contain ink and be used/worn, but please be considerate.  The purpose is not to trade up for a better disc, but to try discs that you may not have otherwise experienced.

Don’t have enough discs to add one to the Exchange?  Don’t worry, we’ll help you out!

Disception History

Disception Natalfest Trophy

Disception was conceived in 2014 to celebrate the birthdays of Rodney and his brother-in-law Matt.  It was originally called ‘Natalfest’ but later changed to ‘Disception’, because who names a disc golf event ‘Natalfest’?  For many years prior, Rodney and Matt had held birthday events with activities such as board game marathons or flag football.  Ideas for new activities were dwindling, but with both Rodney and Matt having picked up disc golf that year we decided to hold their birthday on the disc golf course.

In the first year, 2014, Disception fielded 7 throwers.  Chris fashioned a sieve to a bucket and painted it silver to use as a trophy for the event.  The trophy is called the ‘Grimwood-Disception Natalfest MedallionLane Trophy’ and has significant resemblances to the Stanley Cup because there is no better trophy is the history of sports.  To date, only two people have signed the Grimwood-Lane Trophy: Matt and Chris.  The trophy still bears the legacy name ‘Natalfest’.

Disception also features an Ace Competition medallion which can be signed by anyone with an ace during the event.  Amazingly, however, not a single ace has been hit in the four years of Disception existence and the medallion remains unsigned.  A secret disc lies beneath the sleek silver exterior of the Ace Competition medallion and legend has it that he who forged this medallion will only reveal its secrets to those who have rightfully signed it.

The first four Disception events were held at Burchfield Park in Holt, Michigan, but aggressive Luther Bazoo encounters forced the fifth annual Disception to be moved to Lincoln Park in Charlotte, Michigan.

Previous Disception Winners:

2014: Chris Bawden
2015: Matt Grimwood
2016: Chris Bawden
2017: Chris Bawden
2018: Nick Reaves
2019: Maybe you??

2018 Ace Competition: Rodney Lane

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