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    Push Putting Technique

    When I first started playing disc golf, I was terrible at putting.  I used the typical wristy motion that almost all beginners attempt.  I would miss way right of the basket, or way left if I forgot the natural path of the disc, or really long if I threw with decent enough form to create glide.  As a result, my first several rounds involved laying up from 20′ and out.  I was so scared to miss badly that I just went for a toss near the basket. Then, I came across a video of a great clinic put on by Dave Feldberg.  

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    Putting Fatigue

    During lunch today I practiced putting in the heat by playing The Range disc golf putting game with a coworker.  I made it through nearly 200 putts before my putters started floating errant.  The sun and 85 degree heat had finally caused putting fatigue to set in and this was a prime putting practice opportunity.  I was determined to keep up my putting form and focus during practice so it would come much easier while on the course.

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    Disc Golf Putting Games

    It’s indisputable that putting practice is essential for your disc golf game, but putting practice is sometimes monotonous and can become boring if you’re not the type of person who find this peaceful and meditative.  So what can you do?  Try different disc golf putting games!  Here are a few putting games that DG PuttHeads recommend.  

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    The Importance of Solid Putting

    There’s a long-standing mantra in golf: “drive for show, putt for dough.” This old adage reminds us that driving and distance is fun and flashy, but solid putting will win you the money. The more I play, the more I find this is so true in disc golf as well.

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    Dealing With Elevation While Putting

      The Midwest has areas with beautiful rolling hills, some mountainous regions, and a lot of flat lands.  This region of the United States gives us beautiful forests and a lot of farmland.  It also gives a home to a large amount of disc golf courses.  Some of these courses are technical tracks built through a forest and others are wide open fields where the wind wreaks havoc on your flying plastic.  One thing is for sure, a lot of these disc golf courses are located in city and county parks where the terrain is mostly flat. So if you’re like me, your home course doesn’t have a lot of…

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