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2017 Disc Golf Gift Guide

Every year we field a number of questions about gifts for significant disc golf others, and we’ve seen may already.  One of the differences over the past couple years is that there are many more new and unique items available for thoughtful and personal disc golf gifts.  Here is our 2017 disc golf gift buying guide, all personally tested by the Disc Golf Puttheads and highly recommended.

***Our 2018 Disc Golf Holiday Gift Guide is available here!***

Holiday Edition Gift DiscsInnova Holiday Firestorm

Discs are never a bad idea and are easily found, but when giving a disc as a holiday present you usually want something special.  This year the holiday edition stamps have been quite popular.  The are some crazy and in style stamps, or you if you prefer simple like me there are options like Innova’s Holiday Firestorm which is also a new mold.

Here are a few other holiday edition discs.

Custom Mini Disc Marker

Discraft Mini DiscsMini markers have become quite popular and there are all sorts of custom minis available.  You can find metal minis, wood minis, super color minis, or you could even get a custom engraved Nak Mini Disc Golf Marker.  Many brands have also introduced macro minis which are 6 inch versions of your favorite molds that you can throw!  Here’s our experience with a Discraft macro mini round.

Friction Gloves Disc Golf Review

Friction Gloves

We’ve tested many types of gloves and Friction gloves have been our choice of disc golf gloves for cold weather.  Rodney wears his Friction gloves during every cold round.  You can check out our Friction Gloves review, or order a pair of Friction Gloves here!

discs and zen disc golf book

Discs and Zen

Hopefully you’ve read the first book by Patrick McCormick, Zen and the Art of Disc Golf.  Discs and Zen is his follow up and comes highly recommended by the DG Puttheads.  You can find your copy of Discs and Zen here.

Nite Ize Flashlight LED Disc Review

Nite-Ize Flashflight Night Disc Golf Set

We’ve tested all sorts of night and glow disc golf discs and accessories.  If you’re going out strictly for night disc golf then we recommend trying Flashflight.  Flashflight has build in LEDs so you won’t have to worry about fading glow or losing an attachable light.  Here’s our Flashflight review (with a purchase link for when you’re ready): https://dgputtheads.com/nite-ize-flashlight-led-disc-golf-review

Ultimate Discsdiscraft ultra-start holiday gift

But you’re looking for disc golf gifts right?  Well, an Ultimate disc such as a Discraft Ultra-Star is an inexpensive gift that any disc golfer could use pool-side in the summer or at the course killing time for his or her friends to show up for the round.  It’s also great practice throwing a different style disc, helps with those finesse lines!

Mini Disc Golf Basket

Let’s be honest, what disc golfer wouldn’t want a mini basket to keep at a desk or counter.  You could also go for the micro basket if you’re on a budget.  The selection of mini and micro baskets is growing!disc golf micro basket

DGPH Custom Stamped Fundraiser Disc

If you’ve read this far, then hopefully you’ve found our articles helpful.  Maybe you’d like to support us by purchasing your own DGPH stamped disc.  We have Judges for $14 and Slammers for $16 and we’re offering free shipping for the holiday season!  Just fill out a DGPH contact form and we can get you setup.DG Puttheads Dynamic Discs Slammer

We hope your holidays are great and filled with disc golf!

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