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Element Discs Uranium Review

The Element Discs Uranium is a short mid-range driver with a ton of bite.  This overstable approach disc is consistent and powerful and makes for an excellent short game staple.  And don’t overlook the Terra blend plastic which has great grip but is more durable than most base plastics.

Manufacturer’s Notes

“The Element Uranium is a stable approach/midrange and perfect complement to the Element Lithium.  When thrown hard it flies straight with a flat landing.  It will hold the line it is put on at high speed with that same predictable low speed stability, making it great for flex shots.  Great headwind disc fights the turn and still has that reliable finish.  The profile feels amazing in the hand for both forehand and backhand.  Perfect for overstable approach shots when you need to know your disc will fade. “


Available plastics: Terra Blend

Flight Rating:  4, 2, 0, 2

Initial Reactions

The Uranium feels great in the hand, mild profile and thin rim that fits nicely into most hands.  The Uranium has a slight dome toward the center but is flat near the rim allowing for a powerful hold.  This midrange is quite overstable and is intimidating at first, but quickly you’ll realize that’s is actually workable.  The Terra blend plastic is soft enough to allow for a comfortable release that doesn’t hurt you fingers when thrown with full power, but it’s also a durable plastic that holds up well.

Element Discs Uranium Midrange Profile

By the Numbers

Element Uranium


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As I mentioned above, the Uranium has a lot of bite.  I feel like it has a slight positive turn, at least when it’s new, and after a couple rounds the positive turn lessened but is still noticeable when not thrown at full power.  

The Element Discs Uranium is one of the most consistent upshot and approach discs that I have thrown.  The consistency is on par with the Dynamic Discs Suspect but the Uranium may actually be even more consistent on harder throws.  Given the highly overstable flight path, I find that the Uranium is an excellent hyzer disc especially from 200-275 feet (61-84 meters).  At this distance the Uranium holds any hyzer line and fights through any wind.  Shorter hyzers also work well, but it has a tendency to fade out of the line a little early which is great for precision hyzers and definitely for spike hyzers.

I mentioned that the Uranium is quite overstable, but it’s workable if you know how.  I’m able to find a straight line by releasing almost flat at high power.  It will hold the straight line for about three quarters of the flight before fading into a hard drop.  It took me longer to figure out the anhyzer shot, but after a number of attempts I found that releasing on low lines with nose up and high power allowed me to shape a decent anhyzer.  The Uranium will pull out of the anhyzer early of course, but I’m able to shape my lines with much more efficiency that I had anticipated with such an overstable midrange.  Higher anhyzers often end up flying almost straight for me and also fade out much earlier.

element discs uranium disc golf midrange
Our first throw of 2017 was the Uranium.

The Element Discs Uranium should be able to handle the torque and power of a sidearm when necessary, but because of the shape of rim and profile I have difficulty releasing smoothly.  The rim often catches on my knuckle causing a wobble.  I’ve mentioned in other articles, it’s possible this is just because I have smaller hands.

When you start to learn the Uranium, you’ll find yourself pleased with the ability to use it for standard shots and utility shots.  The wind is no problem for the Uranium, it will cut through easily.  I’ve mentioned the spike hyzer already, and it’ handles overhand throws as well.  Usually the Uranium won’t bounce or slide far because of the gummy Terra blend plastic so many shot types are safe.  On hard or frozen ground, however, I’ll play the skip like I would with my BuzzzOS and I can achieve some great landing placements.

Final Verdict

Element Discs’ Uranium is likely more powerful of a midrange than most beginners need, however, intermediate players should find the Uranium to be a great get-out-of-trouble and consistent hyzer disc.  Advanced players will love the wide variety of shots and shaping capabilities offered by the Uranium that many overstable discs don’t offer.  I’ve mentioned in other articles that I love the Terra blend plastic especially in cold weather, and the Uranium has become a permanent fixture in my winter bag.

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