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    Disc Golf Analysis – Distance Tiers

    I’ve played disc golf for 13 years and like most tenured disc golfers I’ve evolved my game over time. While it’s much more common to analyze individual throwing techniques like power grips or putting styles, I find it helpful to occasionally assess my overall disc golf style to ensure that I’m continually making progress.

  • Tips and Advice

    Do you know all your discs?

      Quick, can you think of all the discs in your bag?  By name and color?  Maybe this exercise was easy for you.  I normally try to keep a very consistent bag but I’ve been testing so many new discs recently that keeps my bag in a constant state of flux.

  • Product Review

    Zen and the Art of Disc Golf Book Review

    My past experience as a golfer has introduced me to several great books with concepts that apply to disc golf as well.  However, there aren’t a lot of disc golf specific books available.  So naturally I was excited when disc golfer and practitioner of Zen, Patrick McCormick, decided to share his thoughts on sports psychology where it relates to disc golf.  

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