Embarassing Disc Golf

10 Things Disc Golfers Are Embarrassed To Admit To Non-Disc Golfers

We love what we do.  We’re disc golfers and we’re proud of it!  But sometimes we like to keep our disc golf idioms within our circle disc golf peers.  After all, non-disc golfers just don’t understand many of the things us disc golfers do.  

Here are 10 things that many of us disc golfers are just a little embarrassed to admit to our non-disc golfer friends:


10. We brag to our friends about owning a first run Buzzz AND a first run Buzzz Mini

First Run Buzz Mini

9. Our phone’s auto-correct changes buzz to Buzzz and rock to Roc.

disc golf autocorrect

8. We all have that one friend who thinks buying new discs will improve his game. If we don’t have that friend, we are that friend.

7. We’re actually insulted when someone calls it ‘Frisbee golf’ but we hold it in.

Don't Call It Frolf
Excerpt from reddit post about “frolf”

6. We are seriously considering buying a mini basket for our desks at work. Those of us who don’t already have one, that is.

5. We carry wet wipes and a roll of toilet paper in our bags. Both get used.

4. We’ve planned out an 18 hole course in our yard using Google Maps.

yard disc golf course

3. Our phones contain more pictures of disc golf baskets than our families.

2. We can tell you the flight rating of our dinner plates.

1. We own over 100 discs but score better when we only carry two.

Lots Of Disc Golf Discs


Honorable Mention: Huck Face!  We all have crazy huck faces that usually look as though we’re forcing out gas, but the fact is most of us are actually proud of those crazy facial contortions.  Of course, we rarely admit that.

Disc Golf Huck Face

Do any of these apply to you?  Do you have other disc golf habits that you keep secret?  Please share this post and let your embarrassing disc golf habits out of the bag!

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