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You want to buy a disc, but you’re not sure which online disc golf shop is the best. I get it, I’ve bought a mountain of discs in my day and I spend hours researching before each disc golf purchase. With the number of new internet disc golf stores it can be difficult to research them all.  

Below, we provide a guide that we hope helps you decide which disc golf shop is best.  We also make a few Best-in-Class recommendations below each category for you to check out.

Important Disclaimer: We are NOT affiliated with any of the online disc golf shops in this article and we have NOT been paid or incentivized in any way to recommend a best online disc golf store or even to include a listing.

The best way to start is to decide what factors are important to you.  Below I’ve listed a number of characteristics that the best disc golf stores have in order of importance to me.  At the end we offer a handy directory of best disc golf stores online.


What is the point of spending even a few dollars if you can’t trust a merchant to get your order right, or especially delivered to you? Trust also goes beyond delivery. Do you trust the information or reviews on the site? Do you trust that the site will take your payment and not freeze in the middle of a transaction? Do you trust that the company won’t spam you or share your data?

Honestly, I have not yet found a disc golf shop online that I haven’t trusted.


If you already know exactly what you want and have no troubles ordering, then you may not care about support. However, there have been many times when I have needed to ask questions. Response time is important as well as willingness to help. If I have had a positive experience communicating with a company, then I am more likely to repeat a purchase just in case I run into trouble.

The best support I’ve received has been from Infinite Discs and Marshall Street.


By selection, I don’t mean who has the most different products in stock. I mean the shop that has exactly what I’m looking for. If you’re new to disc golf or just experimenting with new discs then this may not matter much. I’ve been throwing for 15 years and when I need to replace my putter or my main driver, I know exactly what I want in color and weight. Unfortunately this often comes down to chance of having what you’re looking for so I don’t judge stores based on them not having my exact preference, but it’s a huge bonus when one store continually has what you need.

Marshall Street has earned my past two orders, but Infinite Discs and Disc Golf Center also frequently have the exact disc(s) I need.


Price doesn’t matter to me within a few dollars and I rarely see a difference of more than a dollar or two unless I’m buying in Bulk. I’ve checked many stores and very few offer bulk discounts, but many offer free shipping or on flat shipping rate. Ultimately, while I’m a fairly price sensitive buyer, price is usually so close that it’s not often a large factor in my purchase choice.

The two exceptions here are that Marshall Street offers free shipping over $50 so I’ll place combined orders with my disc golf friends, and Disc Store which frequently offers coupons for return shoppers.

Site Usability

Pretty sites and well-designed pages are great, but I am quite tolerant when it comes to site appearance because disc golf is still growing and many disc golf stores invest more in quality operations than a nice looking website. As long as I can navigate and find what I need without a sophisticated search, then I’m satisfied. Issues that I am not tolerant about include:

  • Pages repeatedly not loading
  • Information that I have entered into forms being erased
  • Popups

Disc Store and Gotta Go Gotta Throw are two of my favorite sites when it comes to navigation with Infinite Discs and very close. I’ve noticed many newer disc golf shops launching with a heavier focus on aesthetics and usability, for example HyzerShop

Reward Programs

As surprising as it may sound, I don’t place enough orders to take advantage of rewards programs.  However, if you order frequently or you’re able to combine orders with friends then reward programs can be a huge factor and can help retain your loyalty.  Infinite Discs and Marshall Street both have great rewards programs, but one of our friends has hit the maximum discount through Disc Golf Center so I’ll add to his orders occasionally.

Supplemental Information

This is another feature that I rarely use because I research my discs from many sources before purchasing anyway.  However, information about each disc can be quite useful especially if you’re placing larger orders to test new plastic.  For example, disc reviews and ratings can help inform on your purchase and especially comments from other disc golfers who have experienced the particular disc as those tend to be more honest and less promotional.

Infinite Discs has by far the most robust system of supplemental information.

Select The Online Disc Golf Shop Right For You

Now that you know what to look for in a disc golf shop online, check out our Best Disc Golf Stores Online directory to find the the shop that fits you best.


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