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    Disc Golf Course Design: Inscribing Lifestyle into Underutilized Landscapes

    There is no argument that disc golf is increasing at an unprecedented rate. New courses are constantly in development and Steven Dodge even predicts that disc golf will be considered ‘conventional golf’ in the 2020’s. The question then begs, with the quick increase in courses and relatively short existence to study courses and their layout, have we been optimally designing the courses? Clearly there are amazing success stories such as Flip City in Michigan which I had the pleasure to visit this past summer. Then there are the stories of less than successful courses such as Polliwog Park which was closed for lack of safety. There are, of course, design…

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    A Story of Disc Golf Strategy

    If you’ve read any of our articles up to now then you probably know that we preach strategy. Many of our strategy articles are theoretical so that you can apply the strategy to many different situations. To change it up, I thought I’d provide a concrete example of how strategy plays out on our local course. Rodney and I made it to the course last week to take advantage of the warm February weather. After playing conservatively over the past couple months due to wind and cold weather, we did two things slightly differently to get our arms ready for the season. The first was match play, which is a…

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    The 5 Most Important Putting Components

    Watch a round of disc golf at the local course or a professional tournament, and you’ll notice something very quickly: there are a lot of different putting styles! Spin, turbo, push, spush, walking, and list could go on.  Each of those basic putting styles has seemingly unlimited possibilities and personalizations.  Zoom out a little and you’ll notice that successful putters have a few basic similarities regardless of individual technique.

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    Maintain Focus With A Pre-shot Routine

    We’ve all done it before.  You’re playing well above your ability and the moment you check the score, you throw a few bad shots, you get a few bad bounces, and your score plummets back to reality.  How do the top amateur and professional players keep a good round alive?

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    Mind Your Misses

    January in Michigan brings cold weather and snow.  Today I played several rounds after a winter storm layered ice on top of an inch of snow.  The ground was firm enough in most places that it didn’t even collapse under my feet.  As a result, every putt posed an interesting question: do I go for the make or just lay up?  What is the proper strategy in the Approach Zone?

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    Play the hole backwards

    No, I’m not saying for you to tee off at the basket and try to land your putt on the cement tee pad.  I’m talking about a strategy that legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus employed.  Nicklaus often talked about starting his thoughts at the perfect location on the green to hole a putt.  From there, he would determine what spot in the fairway gives an opportunity to easily find the selected location on the green.  His strategy moves backwards all the way to the tee.  This is a simple concept, but how does it apply to disc golf?

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