• disc golf form indicators
    Tips and Advice

    Disc Golf Form Indicator Discs

    Perfecting your disc golf form is difficult.  If you think otherwise then you are probably not a disc golfer.  We have many techniques for working on our disc golf form from watching ourselves in the mirror to resistance training with specific disc golf equipment.  We often find the best results by utilizing many different tools and hopefully this article will provide you with another: Indicator discs. Disc Golf Form Indicators First off, what is a form indicator?  Have you ever thrown your disc much higher than intended and then looked down to see a deep slide mark on the turf from your heel slipping when you stepped?  This is an…

  • Disc Golf Practice Putting Basket Conversion Project
    Tips and Advice

    Practice Basket Modification for Putting

    We all know that one of the best ways to improve our disc golf score is to get a practice basket at home and develop a consistent practice putting routine.  Recently, disc golf basket manufacturer’s have been releasing baskets specifically designed for practice putting.  What if you already purchased a full size basket and don’t have the room to store a second basket?  We have a quick video tutorial for you to get both, with no permanent modifications to your basket.

  • disc golf shaving cream dye method
    Fun,  Tips and Advice

    Disc Golf Shaving Cream Dye

    Dying disc golf discs with shaving cream is one of the easiest methods of disc dying and can produce beautiful designs.  That’s why we’re writing an article highlighting this specific method first.  We previously wrote an article on the basics of how to dye a disc golf disc that’s worth reading, but that article discusses the setup of liquid dye mixtures.  The disc golf disc shaving cream dye process is dry and more about patience than the correct mixture. What is A Disc Golf Shaving Cream Dye? Maybe you’re not familiar with dying a disc with shaving cream.  The general idea is using shaving cream to hold dye in place…

  • Dynamic Discs Deputy Burst
    Tips and Advice

    The Case for Base

    Shortly after I promoted myself from beginner to intermediate level disc golfer, I took an attitude against base plastic.  I don’t know why this happened really, but I have many excuses.  It breaks in too fast, it isn’t “premium” enough, it is cheaper, it doesn’t smell as good, etc.  I’m happy to say that I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes.  Now I want to tell you all of the reasons why base plastic might just be the plastic you seek.  Here is my case for base.

  • ribbon disc golf disc snow
    Tips and Advice

    Winter Disc Golf – Ribbons

    If you’ve disc golfed through the winter then you’ll know that winter disc golf comes with many new difficulties that you don’t face in the summer.  We’ve written about effects cold has on disc golf plastic and what do do about lost distance due to cold, but what can you do about snow?  It may sound crazy, but try attaching a ribbon to your disc!  This is a winter disc golf technique that we’ve been using for many years, here’s what you need to know. Disc Golf Discs In Snow Discs golf discs are easy to lose in the snow.  A disc will have a tendency to cut into the…

  • DIscmas Holiday Gift Guide 2017
    Tips and Advice

    2017 Disc Golf Gift Guide

    Every year we field a number of questions about gifts for significant disc golf others, and we’ve seen may already.  One of the differences over the past couple years is that there are many more new and unique items available for thoughtful and personal disc golf gifts.  Here is our 2017 disc golf gift buying guide, all personally tested by the Disc Golf Puttheads and highly recommended. ***Our 2018 Disc Golf Holiday Gift Guide is available here!*** Holiday Edition Gift Discs Discs are never a bad idea and are easily found, but when giving a disc as a holiday present you usually want something special.  This year the holiday edition…

  • Wild Haven Disc Golf Resort, a perfect place for a disc golf road trip
    Tips and Advice

    Planning a Disc Golf Road Trip

    Road trips are fun and disc golf road trips are amazing.  We’ve done several disc golf specific trips over the past few years.  If you haven’t had a chance to experience the sheer joy of a dedicated disc golf road trip, read on for our tips and tricks to make the best of your time.

  • Slow Down Your Discs
    Tips and Advice

    Take it Slow and Easy

    I have an amazing new tip for your game. This amazing revelation will lower your scores and increase your fun! I’m so glad that I came up with this idea. Except I didn’t.  Its been a known concept in many sports for a while and some of our fellow disc golfers have already stated the same thing. So here it is: go slow. Slow down your movements and throw slower discs.

  • Lessons from playing disc golf
    Tips and Advice

    9 Things I’ve Learned By Not Playing Disc Golf

    I haven’t played disc golf frequently for the past year and a half.  Some you already know that I have been working on my Master’s degree, which unfortunately takes priority over disc golf.  I am, however, fortunate enough to have a field behind my office to throw discs during my lunch hour.  While getting back to field work after taking weeks off at a time, I have recognized a few patterns and learned a few important lessons about my game.  Hopefully some of these disc golf insights can help you also. Inconsistency Makes Improvement Difficult Let’s start with a simple concept.  Inconsistency in almost any aspect of life is rarely conducive for…

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