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Practice Basket Modification for Putting

We all know that one of the best ways to improve our disc golf score is to get a practice basket at home and develop a consistent practice putting routine.  Recently, disc golf basket manufacturer’s have been releasing baskets specifically designed for practice putting.  What if you already purchased a full size basket and don’t have the room to store a second basket?  We have a quick video tutorial for you to get both, with no permanent modifications to your basket.

Value of a Practice Putting Basket

Aim Small, Miss Small.  These baskets have a smaller target area requiring more precision to make the putt.  As you practice aiming more precisely, you’ll be rewarded for good putts and punished for mediocre efforts.  Then, when you get out to the course, that mediocre putt occurs less often and still has a chance to go in.

Off the shelf Practice Putting Baskets

If you have unlimited storage space and some extra funds, you could just buy one of these:

Practice Putting Basket Project

Myself, I prefer to use my home basket for longer shots in the yard as well as practice putting.  DGA’s Mach Shift allows for this, but as my detailed review explains, I’m quite fond of the Black Hole Pro from MVP.  This project will not permanently modify your basket in any way.  If you don’t like the modification, you can go back to the factory version.

For this project, you’ll need about 1/2 hour and some carabiner clips.  Here are the ones I used, they seem durable enough and are sized appropriately: 20 Count, 2″ Carabiner Clips, Black.  (In fact, I am replacing the factory carabiners on the inner chains with these as well.  If you want to do that, order two packs.)

Here is the full video (its pretty short)

After making the video and doing a lot of putting practice, I made one small modification that you may like to try as well.  If you clip the carabiner to the same band that holds the inner chains, they won’t move around as putts hit.

The other option is to let the outer chains hang down and putt at a single set of chains.  This more closely mimics the “official” practice baskets.

MVP Black Hole Pro to Precision Conversion Disc Golf Practice Basket Project


Practice Basket Specifications

For the math geeks and purists out there, I will admit that this modified practice basket doesn’t have the exact specs as the manufacturer putting practice baskets.  With some more ingenuity I’m sure you could move the attaching location inward to achieve a similar result.

Modified Black Hole Pro

  • 12 or 24 chains
  • 15″ diameter target area

Black Hole Precision

  • 12 chains
  • 13″ diameter target area

Dynamic Discs Marksman

  • 15 chains
  • Unknown diameter target area

Gateway Bullseye

  • 15 chains
  • 12″ diameter

DGA Mach Shift

  • Unknown chain count
  • 12″ diameter target area


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  • Jason P

    Thanks for the idea. I did this similar method with zip ties. No chains or metal where harmed in this experiment. Cut all zip ties and basket is back to normal.

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