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    9 Things I’ve Learned By Not Playing Disc Golf

    I haven’t played disc golf frequently for the past year and a half.  Some you already know that I have been working on my Master’s degree, which unfortunately takes priority over disc golf.  I am, however, fortunate enough to have a field behind my office to throw discs during my lunch hour.  While getting back to field work after taking weeks off at a time, I have recognized a few patterns and learned a few important lessons about my game.  Hopefully some of these disc golf insights can help you also. Inconsistency Makes Improvement Difficult Let’s start with a simple concept.  Inconsistency in almost any aspect of life is rarely conducive for…

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    In The Bag With Disc Golf Chris

    A number of you have recently requested that Rodney and I record In the Bag disc golf videos.  We review putters and talk about discs constantly, but we haven’t given you a good feel of our bag build-out.  Both of us have been adjusting our bags since last season, but we’re finally in a place where we’re essentially set for the 2017 season.  This is my In the Bag video. We’re giving you three options:  You can watch on YouTube, listen on the Just Throw Podcast or meet up with us at Burchfield Park and see my bag in person! YouTube: Just Throw Podcast: Don’t forget to follow the DG…

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    Disc Golf Straddle Putting Technique

    Most disc golfers categorize their putting style as spin putting or push putting.  Sometimes a player has a slight mix of styles and I’ve often described my putting style as a straddle spush putt.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately and I believe the straddle putt stands alone as a putting style.  Here’s my implementation of straddle putting.

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    Best Disc Golf Store Online

    You want to buy a disc, but you’re not sure which online disc golf shop is the best. I get it, I’ve bought a mountain of discs in my day and I spend hours researching before each disc golf purchase. With the number of new internet disc golf stores it can be difficult to research them all.   Below, we provide a guide that we hope helps you decide which disc golf shop is best.  We also make a few Best-in-Class recommendations below each category for you to check out. Important Disclaimer: We are NOT affiliated with any of the online disc golf shops in this article and we have NOT been…

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    Disc Golf Putters for Beginners

    What is the best disc golf putter for beginners?  These are the top putters for a new disc golfer to try. Discraft Challenger Innova Aviar Black Zombie Chainsaw Dynamic Discs Warden Westside Swan 1 Reborn MVP Atom Latitude 64 Pure Why Are These Disc Golf Putters For Beginners? We’ve tested each of these putters extensively and found they have characteristics that we believe are beneficial for new disc golfers.   Most beginning disc golfers benefit from high glide putters that allow them to focus on their putting form instead of generating power.  These beginner disc golf putters also show flight characteristics that are mostly stable (straight) to slightly understable (turn…

  • Minimize Your Disc Golf Bag
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    Minimize Your Bag

    New discs are amazing!  Disc golf manufacturers release several new molds each year and I love it!  As a result, I carry way too many discs and I rarely leave them in the bag long enough to lose their factory scent.  I’m aware of my problem and it’s time to minimize.

  • Burchfiled Park Devil's Den hole 11
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    A Story of Disc Golf Strategy

    If you’ve read any of our articles up to now then you probably know that we preach strategy. Many of our strategy articles are theoretical so that you can apply the strategy to many different situations. To change it up, I thought I’d provide a concrete example of how strategy plays out on our local course. Rodney and I made it to the course last week to take advantage of the warm February weather. After playing conservatively over the past couple months due to wind and cold weather, we did two things slightly differently to get our arms ready for the season. The first was match play, which is a…

  • Winter Disc Golf Basket
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    Winter Disc Golf – Gear

    Most of our readers are well aware of the winter conditions we experience here in Michigan.  And you’re likely also aware that we don’t let those conditions stop us from playing disc golf year round.  We’ve discussed the discs, plastics, etc to deal with in the winter but we haven’t specifically discussed the gear we recommend, and there’s a lot of it.