• Gracie and the Marvelous Metal Basket
    Product Review

    Gracie and the Marvelous Metal Basket

    Team Innova Ambassador Michelle Jones has created what we believe to be the first kids disc golf book.  “Gracie and the Marvelous Metal Basket” tells the story of Gracie the cat and her first experience with disc golf.  The story unfolds as Gracie and her animal friends guess what this “structure of metal and chain” could be.

  • The Definitive Guide to Disc Golf Book
    Product Review

    The Definitive Guide to Disc Golf Book Review

    Do you remember when you first started disc golf?  I’m guessing you were introduced to the game by a friend.  I’m also guessing you had several questions that you were too scared to ask.  Or perhaps you’ve been playing for a while and don’t know the game’s history, understand all of the rules, or know how to perform each type of throw.  Maybe you’ve noticed that disc golf terminology is often misused, misunderstood, or even localized.  In “The Definitive Guide to Disc Golf,” Justin Menickelli and Ryan “Slim” Pickens have written a comprehensive guide for the game you play.

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    Zen and the Art of Disc Golf Book Review

    My past experience as a golfer has introduced me to several great books with concepts that apply to disc golf as well.  However, there aren’t a lot of disc golf specific books available.  So naturally I was excited when disc golfer and practitioner of Zen, Patrick McCormick, decided to share his thoughts on sports psychology where it relates to disc golf.