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Thanks for dropping in to our new disc golf blog.  We plan to make this a resource to assist you in selecting the proper disc golf equipment to fit your needs.  There are so many options when choosing new discs and it always helps to talk the choice through with some friends.

What makes this blog different than the other great disc golf blogs?

  1. The majority of our reviews will be putters
  2. We’ll probably make some mention to the disc’s performance on full throws, but specifically putting with the putters
  3. Reviews will be short and sweet

Why concentrate on putters?

Innova Aviar

The original Innova Aviar was a great start and is still the most popular disc golf mold ever made. I eventually switched to a Dynamic Discs Judge and have been putting with that for a while. Chris started with the Discraft Put’r and used it for years before switching to the Gateway Magic.  We enjoy putting so much that we’re attempting to determine the best disc golf putter available, so we assume there are others in the same scenario.

Dynamic Discs Judge

Don’t all putters throw the same at close range?

Strict push putting requires a firm flight plate. I think just about any putter can be used for spin putting. Since  I use both styles depending on the situation, I’ve had a constant need for different putters. I really like the Judge for push putting but it glides too far for spin putting and the firm flight plate seems to cause some spit outs.  The Aviar’s rim is deep enough to cause some inconsistent releases just like the Gateway Magic.  The Gateway Wizard was a little too overstable for me and the Rhyno tends to dive into the ground every now and then…

Thus, my search for the perfect disc golf putter and the reason for this blog.

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