• Discs for Cold Winter Disc Golf
    Tips and Advice

    Winter Disc Golf – Discs and Plastic

    Does this sound familiar?  You pull out your cold hard Elite Z Nuke, still beaded with drops of melted snow from the last hole.  You wipe it over with your towel only to realize that the towel is also completely saturated and your Nuke is still wet.  You decide to throw anyway but immediately regret your decision as the extra firm plastic rim rips at your fingertips.  Then you watch it hyzer out hard and drop far earlier than expected.  That’s winter disc golf for you. We recently discussed how to adjust your putting for the cold and a few ways to help mitigate the loss of distance due to…

  • cold weather disc golf distance
    Tips and Advice

    Winter Disc Golf – Distance

    It’s cold in Michigan, 24 degrees as I write this article.  Yet Rodney and I still find ourselves out on the course and putting in our yards.  Crazy?  Maybe.  Die hard disc golfers?  Yes. We’ve had a few readers recently ask us questions about disc golfing in the winter so we decided to write a short series of articles about disc golfing in the cold.

  • Disc Golf Mirror Form Adjustment
    Tips and Advice

    Disc Golf Mirror Form Adjustment

    If you’re familiar with my philosophies, then you probably already know that I’m a huge advocate of video analysis on form. There are many ways to make this process simple, yet it still involves some effort and has one significant deficiency. Video analysis observes the past so your muscles don’t get used to the feel of form adjustments in real time. So why am I refuting a technique that I so passionately advocate?  I do so in order persuade you disc golfers to add an additional technique to your training repertoire!  A technique that’s also great if you’re stuck inside due to cold winter weather. Check your form in a…

  • Halloween Disc Golf
    Fun,  Tips and Advice

    Halloween Disc Golf Bag Challenge

    In the spirit of Halloween, I challenged Rodney to a special disc golf challenge – The Halloween Disc Golf Bag Challenge! It’s a simple concept, load your bag only with discs having a name related to Halloween.  To make the round a little more challenging we

  • Disc Golf Disc Recommendations
    Tips and Advice

    Giving and Asking for Disc Recommendations

    I think most disc golfers will agree that one of the great aspects of disc golf is the vast number of discs available and the relatively low cost of discs.  While a giant stack of discs isn’t necessary, it’s great fun to test different disc molds. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to know which discs to try and can lead to hundreds of different recommendations.  In a recent post to a Facebook group called Big Daddy Disc Golf by Dave Tucker (I recommend you check him out on YouTube also), someone stated that he loves a certain disc but would like more distance.  Most of the suggestions were quite appropriate but I noticed something which…

  • Getting better or improving your disc golf game is fun
    Tips and Advice

    Improve Your Disc Golf Game

    One of the most common questions we get is “How do I get better at disc golf?”.  The answer to this question is very simple, just throw; we must do in order to improve.  But the person asking this question is usually looking for a deeper answer.  The simple answer is correct but let’s dig into why.

  • how to dye disc golf discs
    Featured Posts,  Fun,  Tips and Advice

    How To Dye A Disc Golf Disc

    Disc golfers love custom discs and place a great deal of sentimental value on disc golf equipment.  It should come as no surprise that many of us have attempted to dye our discs ourselves.  Most of us end up with a mess of mis-colored discs and stained shirts, but a few of us press on and go searching for the best way to die a disc golf disc. I’m with most of you, I’m not good at custom dying discs.  The good news is that you can learn from my mistakes!  This post will go over some basics of dying discs that I’ve experienced and address some important

  • Supplies to Break In A Disc - Disc, Towel, Duct Tape, Tennis Ball
    Tips and Advice

    How to “Break In” a Disc

    If you watch a few “in the bag” videos, you’ll see that many professional disc golfers carry multiple copies of the same mold.  Sometimes these are for backup purposes, but sometimes you’ll hear the pro mention a seasoned disc that is a little more understable after the long break in period.  That begs the question: can we break in a disc quickly?

  • Disc Golf Grow The Sport
    Tips and Advice

    Grow The Sport – Disc Golf

    How many disc golfers have you heard drop the phrase ‘Grow the Sport’ in the past couple weeks? Probably quite a few. If not, then you’ve undoubtedly seen #GrowTheSport shared across disc golf posts on every social media network.  Alan at Infinite Discs wrote a good article a couple weeks ago on what he believes needs to happen to grow the sport of disc golf which offers a good perspective from someone who experiences large pro events in person. Now let me ask you a question. What does it mean? Silly question right?

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