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    The 5 Most Important Putting Components

    Watch a round of disc golf at the local course or a professional tournament, and you’ll notice something very quickly: there are a lot of different putting styles! Spin, turbo, push, spush, walking, and list could go on.  Each of those basic putting styles has seemingly unlimited possibilities and personalizations.  Zoom out a little and you’ll notice that successful putters have a few basic similarities regardless of individual technique.

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    Maintain Focus With A Pre-shot Routine

    We’ve all done it before.  You’re playing well above your ability and the moment you check the score, you throw a few bad shots, you get a few bad bounces, and your score plummets back to reality.  How do the top amateur and professional players keep a good round alive?

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    Disc Golf Stall Shot

    What is a disc golf stall shot?  I’m always surprised by the number of times I’m asked that question when I describe my putt and approach game, but it seems that either the shot or the term is not as common as I had assumed.  A stall shot is purposely throwing nose up so that your disc either rises drastically or catches enough air that it stalls early in in the flight path.  A stall shot is sometimes referred to as an air bounce because the putter appears to bounce off the air, a bounce putt, a loft shot, rise shot, or generically a nose-up shot. Sometimes this is called…

  • Disc golf semantics
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    Less Stable Or More Understable

    The question is whether your Tern is less stable or more understable than your Destroyer.  Some disc golfers hotly debate the issue, others couldn’t care less.  Some believe that it’s better to simply avoid the issue and discuss High Speed Stability and Low Speed Stability.  I’ve heard it both ways and I don’t believe that either is officially correct or incorrect but I’ve pondered this semantic discrepancy to the point of absurdity and I’ve developed two distinct paradigms that may come in handy when you’d like to impress your friends with disc golf academia.  Read on if you’re like me and are intrigued by details. The key here is the…

  • Putter Flick Shot
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    Flick Putting

    Consider this scenario.  You’re 100 ft from the basket with several trees directly in your line.  The straight line is blocked, an anhyzer won’t work because of the trees, a hyzer won’t work because there isn’t enough room for the arc.  You should probably consider a layup to guarantee the next shot.  But, what if you change your pivot foot and try flick putting?

  • Putting with finger on rim
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    Putting With Finger On Rim

    During one of my first rounds of disc golf in 2002 I lined up for my first disc golf putt with my index finger on the rim of my Discraft Elite Z Putt’r.  My mentor, Matt, immediately corrected me and sternly stated, “Never putt with your finger on the rim!”.  Matt never provided a compelling reason against using my index finger to support the putter, he only warned me that that it can cause unbalanced putts and suggested that many people carry this habit over from throwing Ultimate discs or casual Frisbees. So, is it okay to put with your index finger on the rim of your disc golf putter?

  • Setting up in the disc golf approach zone
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    Mind Your Misses

    January in Michigan brings cold weather and snow.  Today I played several rounds after a winter storm layered ice on top of an inch of snow.  The ground was firm enough in most places that it didn’t even collapse under my feet.  As a result, every putt posed an interesting question: do I go for the make or just lay up?  What is the proper strategy in the Approach Zone?

  • Disc Golf basket in the clouds
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    Yoga for Disc Golf

    Yoga and disc golf are two activities you may not have heard in the same sentence.  I recently started a morning yoga sequence that has provided great benefit to my body and my game and really wanted to pass along these benef its to my disc golf friends.  We recently had a unique opportunity to interview Brett Larkin, a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher, about yoga and how she feels yoga can be advantageous to disc golfers.  

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    New Year’s Disc Golf Resolutions

    Another year has passed.  Hopefully you’ve taken the time to reflect on the previous 365 days and evaluate your current situation.  I’ve never been a big fan of resolutions but the fact is, the new year marks a perfect time to set some new goals.  Diet and exercise always make the list.  Certainly eating better, lifting weights, and running would be great for us all, but these aren’t fun to talk about.  Instead, let’s talk about our disc golf resolutions! First up are our Disc Golf Resolutions for 2016, and then a few suggestions that might inspire some more specific resolutions for you. Putt Heads’s Resolutions Mark with a mini for every shot. We know…

  • Build your disc golf putter comfort
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    Building Your Putter Comfort

    Quick Disc Golf Tip: Always keep your putter within arm’s reach.  Most disc golfers agree that being comfortable and familiar with your putter is essential for optimal putting performance.  If you haven’t built up your putter comfort it’s difficult to know your putter well in order to be consistent. Spending time with your putter is simply the best way to build your putter comfort. On the course is optimal, but we don’t always have time and that’s alright.  Keep your putter within reach when you’re not on the course so you can pick it up throughout the day and hold it for a few moments.  The repetition with your standard putting grip builds muscle…

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