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    2017 Putter of the Year

    2017 Chaincrasher Awards Official Results Sponsored by Infinite Discs Official results for the 2017 Chaincrasher awards are in, thank you to all who voted!  We decided on two official awards this year with three honorary awards, but we need your input to decide which awards will stick around for next year!   Also, if your favorite putter of 2017 didn’t make the list then just get out there in 2018 and campaign hard to get all of your friends to vote.   Enough talk, let’s get to the Chaincrasher Awards! See the 2018 Disc Golf Putter of the Year Awards here!

  • halloween disc golf pumpkin carving

    Halloween Disc Golf Pumpkin Carving

    Carving Halloween disc golf pumpkins has blown up over the past few years.  You may not have been able to find many disc golf jack-o-lanterns a few years back, but social media is ripe with disc golf pumpkins now!  Discraft certainly instigated the disc golf pumpkin craze with their Hyzerween contest in 2016, and we can see the popularity continue to grow. We’ve gathered some of our favorite disc golf pumpkin carvings from around the internet, but we plan to add more as you disc golfers carve even more amazing disc golf pumpkins.  This should give you some great ideas for a hyzer pumpkin of your own, but if you’ve…

  • Discraft Crush Discontinued OOP Valentine's

    Valentines Letter to Discraft

    Dear Discraft, I vividly remember the day we met 15 years ago.  It was a warm Spring day during a walk through the park in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  I had never held a disc before; you were my first disc golf experience. We threw around for a few years and I admit that I experimented with other drivers during college.  But then you offered me your Crush and I graciously accepted.  I took this commitment seriously.  In the following years you taught me how to hyzer and eventually how to throw straight lines and gentle s-curves; you truly shaped my game the way it is today and I will cherish your…

  • Halloween Disc Golf
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    Halloween Disc Golf Bag Challenge

    In the spirit of Halloween, I challenged Rodney to a special disc golf challenge – The Halloween Disc Golf Bag Challenge! It’s a simple concept, load your bag only with discs having a name related to Halloween.  To make the round a little more challenging we

  • Embarassing Disc Golf

    10 Things Disc Golfers Are Embarrassed To Admit To Non-Disc Golfers

    We love what we do.  We’re disc golfers and we’re proud of it!  But sometimes we like to keep our disc golf idioms within our circle disc golf peers.  After all, non-disc golfers just don’t understand many of the things us disc golfers do.   Here are 10 things that many of us disc golfers are just a little embarrassed to admit to our non-disc golfer friends:   10. We brag to our friends about owning a first run Buzzz AND a first run Buzzz Mini

  • Lessons of disc golfer's wife

    Lessons Learned By A Disc Golfer’s Wife

    We’ve got a very special guest post for you today from Chris’ wife, Cheryl.  Cheryl has some advice for the wives (or husbands) of all the disc golfers out there which should be especially helpful for those who’s spouse just picked up disc golf!  Here’s what she has to say. So your husband just picked up disc golf… don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’re marriage is a complete fail.  You’ll need to work on your patience a lot but there are few things that you can do to be prepared without extensive research on disc golf.

  • how to dye disc golf discs
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    How To Dye A Disc Golf Disc

    Disc golfers love custom discs and place a great deal of sentimental value on disc golf equipment.  It should come as no surprise that many of us have attempted to dye our discs ourselves.  Most of us end up with a mess of mis-colored discs and stained shirts, but a few of us press on and go searching for the best way to die a disc golf disc. I’m with most of you, I’m not good at custom dying discs.  The good news is that you can learn from my mistakes!  This post will go over some basics of dying discs that I’ve experienced and address some important

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    Dinner Plate Review

    If you’ve been listening to the Zen Disc Golf podcast then you’ve heard us mention these special molds a few times, and you’ll know that we’re huge fans.  We’ve finally taken the time to review some of our favorite discs in this category and we hope you find this informative!

  • Beginning Disc Golf

    Disc Golf Beginnings

    “You’ve never heard of disc golf?” asked Matt. “No,” I replied, “What is it?” “It’s like golf but you throw discs into a basket.” “Baskets?  What kind of baskets?” “They’re poles with chains on them and a basket at the bottom.  Discs are like Frisbees but they’re smaller and heavier and Frisbee is about form but disc golf is all about power.”

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