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UB Disc Golf / Disc King Chewy Lex Review

We found some hand candy from UB Disc Golf and now molded by Disc King. Here’s a review of the Chewy Lex putter.

Manufacturer’s Notes

As of 2017, the Lex is now part of the Disc King lineup.

Available plastics: Chewy

Flight Rating:  2 speed,  3 glide, 0 turn, 2 fade

Initial Reactions

Pick up the Lex and you’ll notice something right away, this isn’t the same size as your other putters.  The wider diameter and flat top makes this feel a lot like a mid-range disc.

UB Disc Golf Lex Profile

By the Numbers


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Putting Notes

Not only does this look like a mid-range, but it putts similar to one as well.  It’s very dependable inside the circle with a decent amount of fade, like a more overstable Gateway Wizard or even the Reptilian Disc Golf Scale.

The rim is a little deeper than I normally use but I didn’t have any trouble with a consistent release.  The larger diameter is noticeable while putting as I felt like I was holding more of the disc in my palm.

I am surprised at the low amount of glide this displays despite the deep rim and wide diameter.  Perhaps the flat top helps reduce glide.

This is a very solid putter for a windy day and doesn’t seem to have trouble with rollaways.  Spin putting with the Lex works much better than push putting.


Approaching with the Lex reminds me a lot of the Berg.  The guaranteed hyzer line makes this disc very easy to control in an open field environment.  Getting into the trees, I found myself wishing the disc had a little less fade as I often couldn’t execute the proper line for the disc without hitting some trees.  A soft flex with the Lex will fade back rather quickly.

Driving with the Lex is fun.  You can throw this hard but it won’t go much more than 250′ for me.  A full power throw with a fan grip still holds a nice hyzer line without a chance of turning over.  On an anhyzer line, the Chewy Lex turns a little right before fading back left with a decent amount of added distance as expected.

UB Chewy Lex Disc

I was pleasantly surprised to see how the Lex performs with a high-powered flick.  This may be the first putter I have felt comfortable throwing a powerful sidearm.

Even as overstable as the Chewy Lex is, it still won’t treat you wrong with an unplanned skip at the end of the flight.  Most putters tend to dive and spin rather than skip like a higher speed disc.

Final Verdict

All in all, I consider the Chewy Lex a midrange trapped in the putter category.  Sure you could get the hang of it inside the circle but it shines as an approach disc and putter.  If you’re looking for an overstable approach disc the Chewy Lex by UB Disc Golf is worth a try.

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